Louise Minchin snubs Dan Walker as she returns to BBC Breakfast with painful foot injury

BBC Breakfast: Dan and Carol joke over giving Louise flowers

Louise Minchin was forced to miss out on presenting BBC Breakfast over the past two weeks with Dan Walker after suffering a painful foot injury. The avid runner first injured her foot in 2019 but didn’t realise the severity of the incident until she saw a doctor this year. Upon Louise’s return to the BBC she snubbed Dan after it revealed Carol Kirkwood had sent her flowers and he hadn’t.

Kicking off the show, Dan said to Lousie: “It’s nice to have you back by the way.”

“I’ve missed you all,” she replied. 

“Can we have a flash of the boot?” Dan asked and Louse obliged, lifting her foot up.

“I’ve only been asked 3000 times a day where you are,” he joked. “It’s nice that you’ve actually come back.”

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“She sent me flowers!” Louise revealed. 

“Oh bless you. It’s great to have you back and I must say you are rocking that boot.”

After Carol’s report, Dan quipped: “Thank you for sending all those lovely flowers to Louise.

“On behalf of both of us, it was very nice of you.”

“I know very well who they were from Carol,” Louise interjected. 

Dan asked: “Did you forget to put my note in Carol? Unbelievable.”

“I must have forgotten Dan. I’m so sorry,” Carol smirked. 

“Don’t you apologise I know you sent them,” Louise hit back snubbing Dan’s attempts to wish her well.

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