Love Island 2019: ‘Pathetic’ Viewers turn on Amber Gill for ‘lying’ about her Maura antics

When Maura and Elma arrived in the Love Island villa they were greeted by whistles from the balcony after the pair decided to go on romantic dates with boys already in couples.

Maura chose Amber’s partner Michael Griffiths and the other girls were fuming in the ITV2 show.

Amber was one of the most vocal girls in the group as she hated the thought of Michael going off with Maura.

Maura then announced: “[I will] give them something to talk about.”

She then went on to call Michael “sexy” on the date and Amber was furious when they returned from their date and blanked them.

Maura replied to the snub by saying: “Why are they being so immature, I actually think this is really embarrassing I’m sorry.”

Michael was also visibly annoyed by her reaction and it could spell the end of the pair.

They shared their first kiss recently, but it could be Maura that gets the next kiss from Michael.

Chatting to the other boys later on, he revealed: “I can’t be dealing with childish girls.”

Amber overheard him and suddenly went in on him as she clearly fears she will be left dumped and single in the villa.

Amber totally lying through her teeth to justify her childish actions.

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To her asking what he meant, he replied: “Childish s**t like that.”

Then, to the anger of fans back home, she denied she had joined in with the other girls in heckling the new girls even though she had actually been one of the most vocal.

Fans were fuming and took to Twitter, with one saying: “Amber totally lying through her teeth to justify her childish actions.”

Another added: “Amber needs to tone it down. She needs to be more humble. She thinks that her controlling everything is okay and that whoever becomes her partner will just deal with it. No sis for the first few moments they’ll deal with it. After that they’ll ditch you.”

A third fan agreed: “The girls in #loveisland are like a bunch of 12 year olds. And Amber’s reaction to Maura was awful!! Rude sod! Makes me laugh, literally even barely know the guys and so unbelievably jealous. Pathetic.”

Meanwhile, Maura has also had her head turned by boxer Tommy Fury and the feeling is the mutual.

She also went on a date with him with villa partner Molly-Mae Hague watching on.

Later on in the show, in a chat with Molly-Mae, Maura told her that Tommy had been flirting during the meal.

Molly-Mae wasn’t happy as she believed herself and Tommy weren’t going to pursue things with others as they gave their own relationship a go.

In the Beach Hut, Maura shared: “Yes, they’re in a couple and I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes. But if he wants me, what am I going to do?”

Tommy and Maura went on to have another close chat as he confirmed his “head had been turned” by her.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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