Love Island fans amazed at how much Niall Aslam sounds like Chris Hughes on show premiere

Viewers took to Twitter to marvel at the comparison after tonight's premiere of the third series of the show.

One fan tweeted: "Look away while Niall is talking & you'll hear Chris Hughes voice."

Another added: "Niall has had a whole year to hone ‘the Chris Hughes’. He’s nailed it ?? #LoveIsland."

A third chimed in: "Niall looks exactly like zayn from 1d and sounds & talks exactly like Chris hughes I’m so ??"

Other viewers accused the 23-year-old student of trying to "copy" the breakout star from last year's series with his cheeky banter.

One tweeted: "Is it just me or is Niall trying so hard to be Chris Hughes with his chat?? Get some originality hun #LoveIsland."

A second quizzed: "Why is Niall trying so hard to be like Chris Hughes? #LoveIsland."

Another fan was puzzled at why Niall, who's from Coventry, sounded like Chris, who hails from Cheltenham Gloucestershire.

They tweeted: "Niall sounds so much like Chris Hughes!! Yet he’s from Coventry ??!#loveisland #LoveIsland2018."

The tattooed hunk coupled up with Kendall Rae-Knight but Niall soon found himself feeling a little put out by the entrance of hunky Adam Collard.

Informed that he would soon have the pick of the ladies, Adam went about flirting with the contestants – including Niall's pick Kendall.

Niall told the camera: "I feel like I've got better chat than him. If you meshed us both it's unstoppable."

Elsewhere fans went into meltdown as the new series kicked off – with one contestant – Dr Alex George – the first to be left in the embarrassing position of having none of the Love Island girls wanting to couple up with him.

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