Love Island fans disgusted after girls’ dressing room goes from pristine to pig sty in nine days

After just nine days in the villa, the women have really made themselves at home turning the pristine area into a pig sty.

The dressing room tables are almost completely covered in products such as make-up and hair spray.

There are clothes strewn all over the place, while the floors appear grubby already.

Those watching the ITV2 show have clocked their messy living habits, as the women often congregate there during the day and when getting ready.

Taking to Twitter to comment on it, one person wrote:  “Can someone tell the girls on #LoveIsland to tidy up the dressing room. Mingers.”

A second remarked: “The state of the girls dressing room give me major anxiety. #LoveIsland.”

And a third added: “The girls dressing room is look a little wild #LoveIsland.”

Meanwhile on last night’s show saw Adam Collard get a dressing down from lawyer Rosie Williams.

The personal trainer looked terrified as she stormed up to him and demanded he tell her what he’d been up to behind her back.

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Since they coupled up on the show, Adam has seemed smitten with Rosie but now it’s obvious he’s been up to no good and the brunette isn’t going to let him get away with it lightly.

She blasted: “Do you want to tell me something? Something that happened today that you should have perhaps had the balls to tell me before.”

Adam tried to calm her down but the sexy solicitor was having none of it and shouted: “I dunno, what am I on about? Everyone else in the group knows about it, you may as well share it. The group's waiting…”

While fans of the show are desperate to find out what he did, Dani Dyer has hinted that she knows what has gone on.

As Rosie berated Alex the camera than briefly panned to Dani, 22, who had raised one hand in the air as if she wanted to speak up.

As everyone else focused on Adam and Rosie, Dani's partner Jack Fincham gave her a look, but the fleeting glimpse made it hard to read whether he was warning her to keep quiet or was confused by what she was doing.

Elsewhere in the episode, Laura and Wes became the first couple to spent the night together in the hideaway.

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