Love Island fans mock Charlie Frederick over his 'missing eyebrows' and launch 'search party' to find them

The model arrived in the villa on Sunday night and while there was no doubting his good looks, viewers quickly picked up on a key feature that was missing.

Taking to Twitter in their droves, one viewer wrote: "But like where are Charlie's eyebrows? #LoveIsland" while another shared: "Why does Charlie have no eyebrows? #loveisland".

A third thought the same, writing: "anyone else wondering where charlie's eyebrows are??? #loveisland" while a fourth added: "Charlie's (lack of) eyebrows really bother me #LoveIsland."

Others debated how Charlie had managed to lose his facial hair, with one writing: "Charlie looks like he's fell asleep at a house party and somebody just whipped the eyebrows right off him #loveisland".

Another mused: "quick q; where are Charlie's eyebrows? he's clearly over tweezed #loveisland".

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A third suggested: "Did charlie's mum forget to pack his eyebrows? #loveisland".

The ribbing didn't stop there, as some viewers shared hilarious gifs and memes to illustrate the mystery of his missing eyebrows.

One shared a snap of a woman looking around with the caption: "Looking for Charlie's eyebrows? #LoveIsland".

Others decided to start a search party, one tweeted: "Gonna put up a missing persons poster for Charlie's eyebrows."

A third suggested: "Well we know where charlie's missing eyebrows have gone, he's donated them to megan so she can have extra! bless xxx".

On Monday's show Charlie enjoyed three dates with Samira, Hayley and Georgia, and it left one viewer joking: "charlie is pretty cocky for someone with no eyebrows #LoveIsland".

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