Love Island fans tell Kieran ‘no means no’ as he continues to graft Kaz

Love Island fans were left bewildered after new lad Kieran tried to graft Kaz despite her telling him she’s got a boyfriend.

The reality babe made things official with Josh just one day before bombshells Kieran and Idris entered the villa.

And fans were left baffled and a little angry when Kieran tried repeatedly to graft Kaz despite her telling him straight that they’d just be friends.

After Kieran pulled Kaz to one side to ask her ‘where her head’s at’ with Josh on last night’s show, she told him: "It was only yesterday that he asked me to be his girlfriend."

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But he tells her: "Yeah for me, like I want to try to get to know everyone, and for me you’re like the main person I’m attracted to.

"I don’t want to cause any rifts or anything like that but I’d like to get to know you a little bit more."

Kaz says: "Of course we can get to know each other and we can be friends and stuff, and obviously we live together…"

"Friends zone straight away," Kieran jumps in.

Kaz tells him: "Well it’s hard, in the outside world you wouldn’t just get to know someone more than a friendship if they had a boyfriend, do you know what I mean?

"So I don’t want to lead you on to say like, ‘Oh yeah we can get to know each other and blah blah blah’.

"You have every right to get to know everyone but I’ll be honest with you, I’m really happy with Josh."

Kieran doesn’t seem to take what she’s saying too seriously though, and he tells her: "Yeah, I’m going to try to get to know you a little bit more and maybe see what can happen.

"You may not be as open as you would be if you were single, but if I like you, which I do, I ain’t going to like go for someone else I don’t like as much just because you’re in a relationship, does that make sense?

"I’m not going to settle for anything less."

While Kaz is flattered, she says in the Beach Hut that she’s with Josh and nothing is going to change that.

Fans watching the show were baffled.

One said: "Once again for the boys in the back, if you like a girl and she gives you a firm ‘No’ as Kaz just has, the thing to do is accept that and move on. Kieran’s approach of ‘I’ll ignore what you say and crack on anyway’ isn’t the one."

Another posted on Twitter: "Kaz just handed Kieran a firm and decisive ‘no’ and he chose to ignore it and confirm that he was still going to fire in and THAT is men."

One also turned their back on new boy Idris after he told Laura Jack kissed Georgia.

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They said: "the new boys are cancelled. idris lying about jack and georgia’s kiss and kieran not accepting no as an answer"

One commented: "Strongly dislike Kieran. Kaz told you she wanted to be friends AND that she has a boyfriend using the queen’s english and you’re still trying to shift her? Cancelled."

"So Kaz just told him she didn’t wanna get to know him more than a friend and that she’s happy with josh and he still said he’d try with her???? Men are weird," another posted.

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