Love Island fans think Caroline Flack gave away a huge spoiler on Twitter

Love Island fans are a notoriously temperamental lot — if they so much as spot a McDonald’s cup or a disappearing glass of wine on their favourite show, they’re quick to complain that the show has been ruined or fixed.

Their latest target is the show’s presenter Caroline Flack, and not only because they feel she’s to blame for letting guest Scarlett Moffatt’s bra show unimpeded on Aftersun on Sunday (July 30). (Sigh…)

They were annoyed even before Aftersun by a tweet posted on Saturday (July 28), in which she promoted an interview with the final eliminated contestants. At the time, it hadn’t yet been announced that Alex George and Alexandra Cane had been kicked off.

However, some fans complained that the silhouettes she used to promote the ‘mystery eliminated islanders’ gave away that it was Alex and Alexandra who’d been given the boot.

Let the spoiler complaints commence:

It turns out that their detective work was correct that Alex and Alexandra had left the villa, but it also didn’t take Sherlock to deduce that fairly obvious result. There’s no actual evidence that Caroline’s tweet was a genuine spoiler either.

The final eliminated islanders eventually did chat with Caroline on Aftersun on Sunday (July 29), with Alex trying to defend his hot-and-cold approach to his romance with Alexandra.

“When there’s a lot of pressure and things move too quickly, I panic and run away,” he admitted.

“My mechanism of doing that is saying there are too many girls and I’ll get together with them. Really I just felt so much pressure.

“I really felt at the recoupling that I had made a mistake and I should give things a second chance.”

The Love Island final airs tonight (July 30) at 9pm on ITV2.

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