Love Island Megan’s mate calls her a ‘girl’s girl’ in awkwardly timed interview

In the week Megan Barton Hanson made a play for coupled up Love Islander Wes Nelson , her best friend came out to call her a girl’s girl in a very awkwardly timed magazine interview.

Fellow glamour model Lauren, from Leeds, was introduced to Megan on a photoshoot and this week spoke to New magazine all about how proud she is of her mate’s villa antics.

"She’s being herself, doing well and seems to be getting on with everyone," gushed Lauren.

But last night, Megan was at the centre of the biggest row of the series so far, when she came between Wes and his partner Laura Anderson.

"She is 100% a girl’s girl," claims Megan’s mate.

"She’s very, shy," she continued, adding: "A lot of girls can be jealous because she’s so beautiful – and that knocks her confidence a bit. It’s very easy to put the sexiness on during a shoot.

"That comes naturally to her but she’s very shy."

But Megan’s behaviour last night left some viewers scratching their heads.

Many took to Twitter to dub the blonde bombshell ‘Muggy’ Megan for snaking her fellow girl Laura in Tuesday’s bombshell episode.

After dumping Eyal for incorrectly inflating the number of people she’d slept with, Megs set her sights firmly on Wes – despite him being coupled up with air hostess Laura.

As the ensuing argument between Wes and Laura rocketed, a smirk from Megan riled viewers who took to Twitter to vent their annoyance.

Some called the blonde a hypocrite for using Laura’s number of sexual partners as a defence, after previously protesting women had the right to enjoy sex.

"Megan’s smug face as Laura walked by actually gives me anxiety. There’s a reason you’ve had “no girl friends” before love. What a piece of work," slammed last year’s star Gabby Allen.

With co-star Olivia Attwood backing her up. "Megan has never had girl mates… absolute shocker.. wonder why hun?"

And viewers agreed with them.

"Mega n sitting there smirking when Wes dumps Laura just shows what kind of girl she is. Even when she was on the balcony with him and he said he was happy with Laura she continues to ask him to kiss her. Girls like this are disgraceful."

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