Love Island spoilers: Shaughna and Callum get into furious row as she tells crying Sophie to 'toughen up' after fall out

LOVE Island’s Shaughna and Callum get into a furious row tonight after falling out over Sophie.

The couple end up snapping at each other when Shaughna’s honest comments to Sophie leave her in tears.

In a preview clip of tonight’s show, a frustrated Shaughna asks pal Sophie if things are over between her and Connor – who left the show earlier this week – and implies she should have left the villa too.

Sophie says: “I sort of expected to go tonight, but with the whole Connor situation, if we’ve got that connection that we’ve built up, it won’t go if I’m in here.

“If someone walks in and I think I would have a better connection with them than I would Connor, then I could possibly get to know them. Until that happens, or if that happens, I’m just going to enjoy whatever happens in here and go with the flow.”

But Shaughna, who wasn’t impressed last night when Sophie pressured Nas to pick her, not Demi, replies: “I would have felt terrible seeing Demi go as she hasn’t even started her journey, compared to you who has started it, got what you wanted… I would have felt bad on Nas.”

An upset Sophie replies: “But Nas was never forced into a position.”

Shaughna adds: “I hope he wasn’t” only for a tense Sophie to reply: “He wasn’t at all.”

After Shaughna calls it “unfair”, Sophie walks off in tears – and gets in bed to cry.

But when Callum tells his other half she’s left Sophie devastated, Shaughna doesn’t seem fussed.

“She needs to f***ing toughen up then,” says Shaughna. “Why do you always believe her over me? Go and couple up with her then. I’m not having no more.” Callum merely rolls his eyes and sighs as Shaughna storms off.

Later, Sophie tells the Beach Hut: “Shaughna’s been so rude. I thought last night, ‘Wow you’ve made me feel so uncomfortable’.”

The row kicked off on last night’s show when Sophie and Leanne pressured Nas to pick one of them to save them from eviction from the villa.

Instead, Nas picked Demi, who he’s been getting close to since she arrived earlier this week.

That meant that Mike picked Sophie, and Leanne, who dumped him the day before, headed home.

She later branded Mike a ‘game player’ and said he wouldn’t get together with Sophie.

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