Love Island viewers complain about Dr Alex for most "traumatic" moment of the series so far

While everyone loves the fact that Dr Alex George is a doctor, it’s easy to forget that, well, he’s a doctor – hence he does some pretty squeamish things in his job.

The Love Island contestant proved his chops last night (July 25), though may have given away a little too much information in the process.

As it was the baby episode, Alex explained how you deliver a baby via a C-section, going into graphic detail about incisions and cutting through fat and muscle.

Viewers were left pretty traumatised as a result:

We think Jack’s face says it all:

Last night’s baby task had viewers in hysterics, unsurprisingly, as many of the islanders struggled to take care of their plastic dolls.

Alex was not especially enjoying it, admitting at one point: “The thought of having a child gives me palpitations.” Still, he fell over at one point, which has already become a meme.

However, that isn’t the worst thing that has happened to Dr Alex this week, the doctor receiving an Ofcom complaint after sticking Alexandra Cane’s hand down his pants.

“We had one complaint which we will assess against the broadcasting code before deciding whether to take it on to investigation”, an official Ofcom statement read.

Love Island continues tonight (July 26) on ITV2 at 9pm.

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