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LOVE Island's Alexandra Cane has shown off her incredible two-stone weight loss in stunning new workout snaps as she reveals how she stays in shape.

The reality star is keen to share her own body transformation success with others after lunges, squats and planks helped give her a new lease of life.

She told The Sun Online: "I’ve had so many people saying that my workouts are keeping them sane at the moment, which is so lovely to hear.

"It’s just so difficult for everyone at the moment to keep in shape and keep anxiety at bay but working out from home is a brilliant for both.

"It released endorphins and refocuses your mind. You feel so positive and energised after exercise!

"It also helps you avoid gaining the ‘quarantine 15’ pounds which is so easy when we’re all stuck at home."

In her latest workout snaps Alexandra smiles as she demonstrates exercises in skintight leopard print co-ords.

Earlier this month she told The Sun Online she "didn't recognise" herself after losing two stone.

But her weight loss didn't come without its challenges. She was forced to deny having secret liposuction surgery after cruel trolls accused her of faking her weight loss.

Others judged her for changing her image to look like her "skinny" co-stars from the 2018 ITV2 series.

Alexandra hit back at criticism and said she felt "proud" of herself every day for turning her life around.

"I can understand why people thought that about my transformation, but now I feel as fit as a fiddle," said Alexandra.

“I never did this to lose weight or look a certain way. I’ve always believed that you should strive for self-acceptance, whatever weight you are.

"In Love Island I thought I was healthy, but I look back now and think I couldn't even walk up a hill without getting out of breath.

"Now I'm so full of energy and I don't have brain fog. I'm hydrated and full of life.

"When I compare myself from then and now, the way I feel inside is like a whole new woman.

Alex's plan to beat quarantine weight gain

Skater Hop

Instructions – Take a jump hop to the right, taking the left leg behind in a deep squat. Straighten then repeat on the other side. Use the arms to balance during the jump.

Benefits – This move is a great fat burner and tones the bum, legs and calves.

Slam Ball

Instructions – Jump up onto your toes holding an imaginary basketball. Then jump down into a squat at if slamming the ball into the ground. Repeat at speed for 30” to a minute.

Benefits – This move is a full body fat burner and great for toning legs and bum.

The Cheryl

Instructions – Take a wide lunge to the right with your left hand touching your right leg. Then jump up straight with your left elbow at right angles.

Repeat on the other side and continue in a fluid movement for a minute.

Benefits – This is a pure cardio move so great for burning calories. It’s also good for toning the arms.

Jumping Lunge

Instructions – Adopt a lunge position – starting on the right and then jump from right to left legs into a continuous movement. Repeat for between 30” to a minute depending on your fitness.

Benefits – This is one of the best moves you can do to burn fat and tone the lower body.

Squat Jump

Instructions – Start from a standing position then jump down into a deep squat. Continue in a smooth movement for up to a minute.

Benefits – This is a brilliant move for burning fat and toning the bum and thighs. The deeper the squat the more fat you will burn.

Side Plank

Instructions – Assume the side plank position – either on your elbows or hands, whichever is more comfortable for you. Try and place one foot on top of the other.

If this is too hard you can place one behind the other. Hold for 30” then repeat on the other side.

Benefits – This is a brilliant abs and shoulder exercise. It’s particularly good for your side abs – the obliques.

"Whatever anyone wants to say about that, that's your opinion and perspective of me. I know how I feel and no one can ever take that away from me. I will continue to do what makes me feel good."

Alexandra – who dated Love Island's Dr Alex George – says she piled on weight after "losing herself" following her reality TV stint.

She dropped from 11 stone to nine in just three months – and is now determined to help others in her situation.

Alexandra has launched a six-week Summer Shred workout to help others in isolation following the success of her fitness and well-being app – Alex’s Happy Body.

"I don't recognise myself," she said.

"I look in the mirror and ask 'who is that girl'. But I'm proud of myself and I thank myself every single day because it's not easy to break away from habits, it' really tough.

"The way exercise makes you feel is infectious. It makes you feel like you are superwoman. It really changes you for the better. Now I want to be able to help other people."

To sign up for Alexandra’s workout and diet plan go to

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