Love Islands Gemma Owen calls Luca by ex Jaques name as he rubs her shoulder

Things are about to get frosty in the Love Island villa on Tuesday 14 June, as Gemma Owen calls current love interest Luca the name of her ex-boyfriend, Jacques.

In an awkward moment, the 19 year old daughter of Michael Owen accidentally calls Luca by ex Jacques’ name and immediately ruffles his feathers with the faux-pas, all while he's rubbing her shoulders.

Amber clocks on, and says: "Did you just call him something else?” to which Luca replies: "I know what she said.”

Amber then adds: "Jacques?” leading fellow islander Dami to get involved and say: "Oh my god, there is no way that happened, there is no way that happened!”

Having her back, Paige, who has just coupled up with Gemma's ex, assures: "Easy mistake to make, hun.”

But Luca clearly isn't best impressed and walks away from the situation and into the garden.

While he's gone, Gemma asks the islanders: "That was bad wasn’t it?”

Paige replies: "That was bad, I am not gonna lie, he was stood there, you had your guy rubbing your shoulders, he’s stood there and you’re like… ‘Oh Jacques.’”

After the name mistake, Gemma decides to go and chat to fishmonger Luca about it to clear the air, but clips from this evening hint that it doesn't go down too well.

The pair are seen squabbling in the short clip, and Gemma says: "Don't roll your eyes at me and be a p***k. It was a genuine mistake, I'm sorry. There's nothing more to it."

Their heated debate comes after the pair shared a peck in last night's episode.

Jacques O'Neill made a dramatic entrance during Sunday's show and Luca took an immediate dislike to the 23 year old rugby player when he pulled his former flame for a private chat.

The chat saw Jacques admit that he still cared for Gemma.

He said: "I still care for you so I'm going to be looking out for you, I still want the best for you."

To which Gemma responded: "I want the best for you too, it's just a weird situation. I was shocked when I saw you, I was like, 'S**t'.

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Jacques later revealed that he does "like" Luca, with Gemma saying: "You are pretty similar."

To which he joked: "That's probably why you like him."

Luca, who was watching on, clearly didn't feel the same way as he told the other islanders: "I'm getting fed up, man. Things are winding me up and it's just getting f*****g weird now.

"My decision is set in stone, so I don't really know what I'd do if anything happened. But to be honest, I don't know, I just feel drained."

Following Jacques arrival, Gemma told the girls that she still fancied the Castleford Tigers hooker.

She said: "I don’t know. It’s weird because I still look at him and I do fancy him like 100%, I look at him and I think you are fit, no question, you are fit."

The drama will unfold tonight…

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