Love Island’s Hayley Hughes still doesn’t understand Brexit and says her political career is over

The beauty went viral after she asked what the term was on the ITV2 show and asked if there would be no more trees as a result.

She befriended Mr Brexit and former Ukip leader Nigel Farage, 54, who gave her some pointers on leaving European Union.

But last night at the National Reality Television Awards Hayley, 22, told the Sun: “He's a lovely man (Nigel Farage).

“I still don't really understand Brexit. I don't really know to be honest.

“It's over now, it's gone.

“I'm sick of it. To be honest I was like, 'Thank God that's over'. I've put that behind me now.”

Soon after exiting Love Island she appeared on BBC’s Daily Politics with Mr Farage and former Labour spin doctor Alistair Campbell.

She asked the Beeb’s newsman Adam Fleming: "I do care about Brexit. I just don't know if I understand about it.

"In a nutshell what is Brexit?"

Having discussed the landmark political legislation she admitted: "Since I've got to learning about it, I'm actually finding it really interesting!"

It was there when their unlikely friendship began to blossom and they later filmed a discussion in a Westminster pub.

He said: “First, everyone is being really unfair on Hayley saying she’s stupid when very few people understand the EU. And second, I’ve spent my whole life on this and even I don’t have a clue what Theresa May is doing!”

It later emerged Mr Farage had begged the Scouser for a selfie.

A source told the Sun Online: “She's a gorgeous girl and he wanted a snap with her. Who wouldn't!

“Nigel knows it's a massive show at the moment and would be great for him to be seen with Hayley.

"They had a good laugh together and a chat after the show.

“He was very polite and Hayley obliged, he looked over the moon! No one was quite sure if Hayley knew who it was.”

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