Lucifer season 5B: How did the writers decide who to kill? ‘A lot of different versions’

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Lucifer fans were left devastated by the reveal one of the show’s main characters will be killed off in the upcoming second half of season five. This has been confirmed by series showrunner Joe Henderson, who has also revealed how they decided who would be the unlucky one in the writer’s room.

How did the writers decide who to kill in Lucifer season 5B?

When Lucifer season five returned with its first eight episodes earlier in 2020, news of a major character death was teased.

In Netflix’s synopsis, it was confirmed “beloved” characters would be killed off.

This read: “In the stunning fifth season, the stakes are higher than ever!

“Secrets will be revealed, beloved characters will die, and we’ll finally get an answer to the question, ‘Will they or won’t they?’”

Co-showrunner Joe Henderson also recently confirmed this was the case in an interview for Baltimore Comic-Con.

He confirmed to fans at the event how one character will die in the upcoming eight episodes.

Henderson explained: “There is a beloved character who dies. It’s in 5B.

“Listen, our intent is to break hearts but also tell endings.

“Just because we were ending that doesn’t mean there aren’t other endings to tell in the next season – but there is an ending coming up.”

Of course, the star was also tight-lipped about exactly who this will be, urging fans to wait patiently until they see it.

However, one thing he did reveal was how they decided which of the main characters it would be.

He continued: “Honestly, it’s one of those things that we went back and forth on quite a bit.

“It had a lot of different versions and a number of characters’ fates at the end of season five changed.


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“I’m not saying [it changed] when we found out we had a season six.

“But it changed when we started to dig into what their character arcs are.

“In particular in 5B, you get a sense of where their journeys are leading them and you start to realise some people’s stories might be shorter than others.”

The co-showrunner was also pushed on whether the death will be final or if whoever it is might come back.

He replied: “If you’re heading into a finale, those things ending up feeling a little more final.”

The second half of season five has now finished filming and is currently in post-production.

Netflix has not yet confirmed when it will return to screens but Henderson did warn on Twitter it would not be in 2020.

The best guess at the moment is the show will return in early 2021.

As soon as anything official is confirmed, will keep fans updated.

Lucifer season 5A is available to stream on Netflix now.

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