Lucifer season 6: Lesley-Ann Brandt shares unaired blunder which left her ‘screaming’

Lucifer: Lesley-Ann Brandt 'so sad' during last fitting of series

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After confirming her final wardrobe fitting as her fan favourite character Mazikeen had come to an end, Lesley-Ann Brandt took to Twitter again to give Lucifer fans another backstage pass. This time, the Netflix star looked back to when the wildly successful DC Comics series was originally on Fox with a fight scene blunder from season two.

Main cast member Lesley-Ann Brandt has sent Lucifer fans into a frenzy with her latest post offering a glimpse behind-the-scenes.

The long-running star of Netflix’s popular fantasy series turned back the clocks to Lucifer’s second season on Fox with her new Twitter update.

An unaired clip revealed Brandt in full Mazikeen mode, going to town on a group of aggressive patrons in ‘Lady Parts’’ iconic bar fight.

During the classic episode, Maze manages to finish what her friends Linda (Rachael Harris) and Chloe (Lauren Decker) started using two halves of a snapped pool cue.

However, Brandt’s latest insight revealed the fight scene wasn’t as easy as Mazikeen made it look.

The Lucifer star posted: “When you f**k up and internally you’re screaming.”

Brandt’s behind-the-scenes clip perfectly showcased Mazikeen’s martial arts abilities.

Unfortunately, the fight came to a swift end when the star appeared to forget her choreography and had to start the sequence over.

As the actress shared her latest insight into the world of Lucifer, fans were stunned by the rarely seen sight of Mazikeen making a combat error.

In the comments, one of her followers assured: “I can’t see any f-up, it looks all seriously bad**s to me!

“No idea how you do it! Exhausted just watching! And how no one loses their teeth etc in these scenes? I repeat, bad**s!”

Others also reminisced about the episode in question, ‘Lady Parts’, which is fondly remembered as one of the highlights of Lucifer’s second season.

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The episode kicks off with Maze convincing Chloe to finally let loose and go out for a drink with the rest of the girls for the first time in the series.

However, the night turns nasty when Linda accidentally starts a particularly brutal bar fight, and Chloe learns the whole night was based around a bet between Maze and Lucifer.

In the comments, one viewer wrote: “That fight on girls night was perfect!”

Although Lucifer’s original network, Fox, cancelled the series after just three seasons, Brandt’s latest clip proves Maze was still delivering the goods in the show’s original run.

Now on Netflix, Lucifer’s fifth season saw the best friend of Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) switch sides to join his devious twin brother, Michael, in the stunning midseason finale.

It’s currently unknown when the series will continue, but fans are hopeful the latest slew of updates means the release of season five, part two is imminent.

Meanwhile, Brandt had previously confirmed she had completed her final wardrobe fitting for Mazikeen and previewed some of her looks for season six.

As filming appears to be winding down on Lucifer’s sixth and final season, fans are hopeful an official announcement from Netflix will arrive any day now.

Lucifer Season 5, Part 1 is available to stream on Netflix.

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