Macaulay Culkin doesn't watch the Home Alone movies anymore

Kevin McCallister, aka Macaulay Culkin, has explained that he doesn’t watch Home Alone, and joked that he no longer goes out around Christmas.

Appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday (April 23), Kevin Culkin also opened up about his trademark face from the first Home Alone movie, and spoke about his childhood.

“You do really look exactly alike, you look like you’re still four years old,” Ellen said, to which Macaulay McCallister replied: “Yeah, how can a person look too much like himself? It’s a curse and a blessing, still got the same face.”

Caulay McCulkin-McCallister then added: “I can get into any restaurant I want without a reservation, but while I’m there everyone is staring at me.”

And, on watching his festive films, Kevin said: “I don’t really watch them all that often. I hadn’t seen it in like 15 years. It’s background radiation at Christmas time.”

McKevin explained that people ask to watch the films with him, which is “flattering and creepy”, and referred to Christmas as “my season”.

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“I can’t watch it the same way other people do,” he added, also revealing that people ask him to do his character’s famous face.

Culvin, or Kevkin, also spoke about living with six brothers and sisters in a one bedroom apartment. “We lived on top of each other.

“They were stacking us like stacking bunk beds. It was like sardines,” Kevin Macaulay Culkin-McCallister explained.

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“It was a good time. We were a close-knit family because of that.”

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