Made In Chelsea: Is Made in Chelsea real?

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Made in Chelsea first premeired in 2011 on E4 and is currently filming its 20th season. Ahead of the new series fans are curious to know if Made in Chelsea is actually real. has everything you need to know.

Is Made in Chelsea real?

Made in Chelsea is advertised as a “reality series following the lives, loves and awks of SW3’s bright young things”, living in Chelsea, London.

The series also covers Belgravia, the King’s Road and Knightsbridge

For nine years, fans have followed the lives of Chelsea’s finest and after 17 seasons, many are wondering if the show is actually real.

The show is a structured-reality television series, which sadly means the series is not as ‘real’ as it appears.

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Structured reality means some of the show’s contents are scripted or at the very most, pre-arranged by the production company.

For example, the cast of Made in Chelsea may be told who they will be filming scenes with and what they will discuss each day.

However, the drama and events taking place in the cast’s personal lives are very real.

Most recently, fans tuned into season 19 of the show which saw the return of Ollie Locke and Binky Felstead to the show.


The latest series also focused on the relationship dramas of Sam and Love Island’s Zara McDermott.

Season 20 saw Love Island contestant Charlie Frederick join the cast as well as Paris Smith. 

James Taylor and Maeva D’Ascanio also returned to the series.

Speaking to TellyMix in July 2002, MIC star Binky Felstead discussed the truth behind the series.

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In the episode, Binky told her fellow MIC castmates she was expecting her first baby with her partner JP.

She said: “We filmed telling everyone on the show – genuinely, no one knew so we got the natural reactions, and I guess it just proves that the show is real.

“We’re not actresses or actors. This is a real baby inside and it’s very exciting, we didn’t see it coming.”

However, some of the show’s cast members have come forward to admit the show is not as real as it seems.

In 2016, former cast member Hugo Taylor told Business Insider the new seasons of the show are “completely fabricated.”

He said: “The guys are completely characterless fops, it’s ridiculous.

“The people are there to make cash off of it. I definitely got into it to make money, but we had to fight to get there, rather than like what they do now.”

Taylor left the series in 2015, telling Business Insider: “It just stopped being attractive to be nearing the later part of your 20s talking about makeups and breakups.”

He reflected: “We thought it was going to be a real hit, and it was.

“I think the main reason the show got so much traction in the first few seasons was the original cast – we all knew each other and had known each other for 10 years at that point. We had a long history.

The extent of reality in Made in Chelsea has been the subject of debate amongst fans for years.

One fan tweeted: “Made in Chelsea is so good and will always be just so watchable because it’s simple and doesn’t try to be OTT. it’s watching the same dramas we all have in real life but with the extra pleasure of seeing spoilt rich kids cry and who doesn’t love that???”

A second viewer said: “I swear Made In Chelsea was the Real Deal when Lucy Watson & Tiff Watson were there. #MadeInChelsea  @Tiffany_W13 @imLucyWatson”

A third person added: ”Made in Chelsea is just so cringe and fake but I just can’t. stop. watching.”

Made in Chelsea airs Mondays on E4 at 9pm

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