‘Maisie Smith will rescue bland Strictly line-up,’ says Apprentice’s Ryan-Mark

The Apprentice star Ryan-Mark Parsons is back on Daily Star Online with more opinions on the hottest television topics, this week tackling Spitting Image, Strictly Come Dancing and Made in Chelsea.

It's safe to say he's not a fan of most of this year's Strictly contestants, though it seems he has a soft spot for EastEnders star Maisie Smith.

Meanwhile, he's excited for the return of Spitting Image, but admits he's surprised it's been able to happen after so-called snowflakes saw to the end of shows such as Little Britain and Come Fly With Me.

And the former Apprentice star isn't surprised by Zara McDermott and Sam Thompson's split, labelling their Made in Chelsea scenes "bizarre".

Maisie Smith will rescue drab Strictly line-up

Strictly makes its annual comeback later this month, and it has to be the drabbest lineup, ever.

Maybe it’s the lack of personality this year which is dispiriting, for example, HRVY – who is apparently a singer – seems to be randomly chucked into the show to draw in teenage girls who are obsessed with this relatively anonymous artist.

Then you have the likes of Jamie Laing, who was forced to pull out last year due to injury.

I don’t know why he was asked to return? I’ve never liked him on Made In Chelsea, and his jarring TV persona is gracing our screens once again.

Can’t wait.

Also, Ranvir Singh, a political editor on Good Morning Britain – if she’s as quiet as she is on the ITV morning show, I will be skipping a lot of the programme when I’m watching on catchup.

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  • Strictly Come Dancing's Karen Hauer 'splits from boyfriend' weeks before launch

The only light relief will be Maisie Smith, the competition’s dark horse.

She’s a talented actress on Eastenders – one of those stereotypical performing arts students who are somehow excellent at everything; I have a feeling she will at least reach the finals this year.

There has been recent debate over the need for same-sex couples on the dancing show.

In an interview with Best magazine, Graham Norton questioned the need for a same-sex partner, claiming it would "muddy the waters for the judges".

Who cares?

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Nicola Adams, the Olympic boxing medalist, requested a female partner and they will be the first same-sex pairing in the history of Strictly.

Good for her! If she’s good at dancing, even better.

OAPs, such as Norton, need to wake up to 2020 and stop latching onto pathetic traditions of a reality programme.

I’m more upset by the lack of RuPaul's Drag Race UK representation, I was certain Baga Chipz would’ve made an appearance, but evidently the casting team has a palette for the dullest and most irrelevant celebrities in the UK.

Spitting Image saves us from snowflakes

  • Spitting Image trailer leaves viewers horrified with naked Boris Johnson and Trump

The hit political satire show Spitting Image returns on Saturday which will be much-needed relief during these miserable times locked away indoors.

Interestingly, Peter Fluck, who created the series, said the viewer feedback mattered to him the most and still has people saying: "Thank you for helping me through the Thatcher years."

The struggle of people losing their jobs and economic suffering draws a lot of parallels to Covid-stricken Britain, as the series makes its 21st century debut.

I’m personally looking forward to the latex models of Boris Johnson, Piers Morgan, Donald Trump, Greta Thunberg and Priti Patel, who has been characterised as a vampire.

I didn’t think in 2020 the series would return – since the last series aired in 1996 a lot has changed, including the rise of the snowflake.

This "snowflake movement" has meant shows like Come Fly With Me and other mildly controversial comedy programmes have been stripped from streaming services like BBC iPlayer and Netflix.

I’m excited that we have a show on our screens that could offend people and pushes the boundaries beyond the sanitised and soporific "entertainment" that we see nowadays.

Sam and Zara split is more predictable than Made in Chelsea plot

  • Sam Thompson pokes fun at explosive Zara McDermott split as he poses shirtless

Surprise, surprise, Sam Thompson has split from girlfriend No202: Love Island star turned Made In Chelsea personality, Zara McDermott.

The couple were together for 16 months, but with tensions mounting in lockdown and after a series of arguments, they decided to break apart.

I feel sorry for Zara as this wannabe presenter is more fame hungry than Mark-Francis is for Cartier.

  • Zara McDermott unleashes cleavage in teeny boob tube amid explosive MIC return

It’s quite shameful, mainly because he’s only notable because of his iconic sister Louise Thompson.

The pair would often be seen making TikToks together and travelled to Mykonos just before announcing their breakup.

In a recent Made In Chelsea episode, Zara was visibly raging after hearing about Sam and his ex-girlfriend Tiffany Watson, who "drunk called" her boyfriend in early hours of the morning to remember their "fiery" sex life.

So bizarre.

It’s seems like Sam still has feelings for Tiffany and he was visibly crushed in past series of MIC when she bravely and rightly decided to leave him.

Adding to the drama, there were allegations of cheating in the relationship, and this may have been one of the leading causes for the split.

Sam has swiftly moved on anyway, jokingly taking pictures for social media next to a games console controller.

It’s incredible how quickly they move on, and it makes you question how sincere and genuine the relationship was in the first place.

It won’t be long until the next girlfriend and the sob story when they inevitably break-up… more predictable than a tired Made In Chelsea plot.

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