Mama June Threatens Boyfriend With Relationship Walkout If He Doesn’t Marry Her

The ‘From Not to Hot’ finale ended with a series shocker!

Mama June Shannon delivered an ultimatum to boyfriend Geno Doak during her daughter Pumpkin Shannon’s wedding on the latest episode of WeTV’s Mama June: From Not to Hot.

On the August 24 episode of the series, the Shannon clan traveled to Las Vegas for Pumpkin’s wedding to fiancé Josh Efird. The couple has since welcomed their first daughter since the episode was taped in May of this year.

What the family didn’t know was that Shannon planned on making the nuptials twice the fun by surprising the family with a double wedding.

And while she ultimately decided not to go through with it, a mix-up with the wedding celebrant the reality TV star hired meant Doak found out about her plans, which lead to Shannon delivering an ultimatum to her longtime boyfriend.

Early on in the episode, Shannon confessed to her family member Doe Doe that she “may or may not have hired an Elvis impersonator to marry me and Geno” in Vegas.

Doe Doe later remarked that the ill-timed stunt “could all go horribly wrong.”

During the ceremony, Pumpkin and Josh were wed without a hitch, but toward the end of the ceremony, the couple’s celebrant asked if anyone had anything to add before he completed vows, according to The Daily Mail.

That was when Shannon stood up and exclaimed, “I would like to get married… but today is all about Pumpkin.”

A shocked Doak looked at his girlfriend, not knowing what to make of her public declaration. He also appeared angry that she put him on the spot in front of her family to make such a huge personal decision on the spot.

The family then attended a celebratory dinner in their honor. June then realized she didn’t cancel the Elvis impersonator/wedding officiant who showed up at the dinner ready to marry Shannon and Doak.

Doak was angry in a tense argument outside the restaurant and remarked, “You shouldn’t have done that.” He then asked Shannon to “slow down” when it came to getting married.

Shannon’s response?

“Alana and Pumpkin consider you their stepdaddy.”

She also threatened her boyfriend, telling him that if their relationship was not headed toward marriage that they “shouldn’t be together.”

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Prior to this, Shannon confided in her daughter Pumpkin that she was glad she never had an official wedding ceremony with Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson, her partner for many years.

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“I’m really glad I didn’t marry Sugar Bear because that would have been a horrible mistake. But sometimes, some people come into your life and change your opinions about things that you wouldn’t do. You know I told you I would never want to get married, and since Geno’s came into our lives and been here for Y’all, and been here for me, it’s made me realize that he’s probably the one I want to spend the rest of my life with,” the former pageant mom said.

Mama June: From Not to Hot airs on WeTV.

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