'Manifest' Show Boss Pinpoints 8 Key Details From Season 2

Manifest Season 3 is on the horizon, and fans are anxiously awaiting answers to some of our most burning questions. Until the drama returns, showrunner Jeff Rake has given Manifesters some food for thought. Rake highlighted these eight key details from Manifest Season 2, which will provide us with plenty to chew on until season 3 drops on NBC in 2021. [Spoiler warning: This article contains details about Manifest Season 2.]

Jeff Rake celebrated 828 Day with an enlightening video for ‘Manifest’ fans

On Aug. 28, now affectionately dubbed 828 Day in honor of Manifest’s Flight 828 mystery, Rake appeared in a special Twitter video. “Hey. I’m Manifest showrunner Jeff Rake. Happy 828 Day,” began Rake before diving in.

In the video, the show boss identified eight key plot points from season 2 of the series. From story arcs to theological references, Rake shared some meaty tidbits. It would stand to reason that these details could factor heavily into the narrative for season 3.

Jeff Rake’s ‘eight things you may have noticed last season

Here are the story elements that Rake called out as “eight things you may have noticed last season.”

Jeff Rake’s final thoughts

Rake pinpointed key details and thought-provoking threads that the show will (hopefully) pick up in season 3. And fans who didn’t spot those eight nuggets the first time around are in luck. Subscribers can head over to Peacock TV to watch previous episodes of Manifest.

Before signing off of the video, Rake thanked fans and encouraged viewers to stay safe during this time. To drive home the point, he even donned a snazzy face mask, a practice that has become common during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Thanks for listening, everyone. Stay safe,” said Rake as he closed out the illuminating video.

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