Marie Kondo reveals she's pregnant with her third child with husband Takumi Kawahara

MARIE Kondo is pregnant with her third child with husband Takumi Kawahara.

The Tidying Up star, 36, announced on Thursday: "I have some news! Another bundle of joy on the way."

Alongside the post, Marie shared a sweet photo of herself smiling down at her baby bump in a pink dress and blue cardigan.

The organizational expert's celebrity pals flocked to the comments to congratulate her.

Miranda Kerr enthused, "So happy for you and your family. Congratulations," while Drew Barrymore added: "CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I am wishing you so much joy! And health and love!!!!!!!!!"

Marie has two daughters with her TV producer husband Takumi – Satsuki and Miko.

Takumi – who Marie married in 2012 – shared his excitement at the baby news by reposting his wife's photo with the caption: "Thank you so much!!"

The couple teamed up in 2019 to work on Netflix's Tidying Up after the success of Marie's book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

Marie was the star of the series, while Takumi served as an executive producer.

The Tokyo native previously opened up about how she adapted her outlook on organization when she became a mom to two young girls.

"When I first became a mother, I felt frustrated when I couldn't tidy my home exactly the way I wanted," she wrote on her KonMari blog.

"Then, after having my second child, I didn't even have the energy to consider some of my former practices around the house!"

While the lifestyle guru tends to keep her private life off social media, her husband and their girls occasionally crop up on her feed for cooking sessions or cuddles in quarantine.

Marie revealed she has turned cleaning into a bonding exercise for her daughter.

"We make it a daily practice and tidy together at the end of the day," she told People.

The star added that when her kids are having a meltdown, she waits for them to calm down before trying to get to the root of the problem.

"I think it's quite natural for kids to have tantrums – when they do, they do!" she explained.

"I take the time to listen. Once they've calmed down, I ask them what's bothering them and then, to let them know I understand, I say, ‘So that made you sad,' or ‘That's what you didn't like.'

"I try to honor their feelings."

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