Married at First Sight Australia faces mass walk out as couple make surprise return

Married at First Sight Australia: A look at new series

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Two Married at First Sight Australia participants dropped a bombshell in the middle of a commitment ceremony when they unveiled their new relationship. Carolina Santos and Daniel Holmes interrupted the session by making a shock entrance and announcing themselves a new couple.

Carolina was originally partnered with Dion Giannarelli and Daniel’s bride was Jessica Seracino.

However, they explained after Jessica chose to leave the experiment Daniel sought out Carolina as a shoulder to cry on as she’d experienced problems with her partner too.

Daniel explained: “I guess in short, that’s how it was we caught up as friends and connected because we both found ourselves in a difficult situation with the person that we matched with.

“It became pretty evident that we had a lot of stuff in common [and] we just started connecting and building beyond a friendship between each other,” he revealed.

Carolina opened up: “I think it was clear to me right before I wrote ‘leave’ last commitment ceremony.”

“That is when I knew there was something more than just a friendship with Daniel,” she said.

Dion and the rest of the couples in the experiment were outraged when Carolina and Daniel asked the experts if they could stay in the experiment.

Daniel said: “We all came here for that, the reason to meet some undeveloped feelings and fall in love and obviously the both of us didn’t get that with who we were initially matched with.

“We are genuine and real about this experiment and how we feel about each other.

“So yes, there’s a part of us that would like to continue to experiment together,” he announced.

Stunned by Carolina’s betrayal, Dion swiftly got up and left the room, sparking a mass walk out from the other participants.

The group eventually returned to the commitment ceremony and discovered the experts were also outraged by the situation.

The experts quickly revealed they were not going to allow Carolina and Daniel to stay in the experiment as a couple.

John Aiken explained it wasn’t the first time people had strayed from their partners during the experiment.

However, he noted: “We haven’t seen someone stray with someone who’s left the experiment already.”

John insisted: “There is absolutely no way we’re gonna allow you to re-enter experiment as a new couple.

“It’s not going to happen now, that’s not gonna happen in the future and the reason for that is very clear, but you need to hear it.

“This betrayal is incredibly unsettling and difficult for all of us to witness.

“We don’t see any merit for this relationship that you have to continue on in this experiment.

“Firstly, Daniel, you’ve been out of it for weeks. You’re no longer part of what’s going on in this experiment,” he said.

Married At First Sight Australia continues Monday at 7.30pm on Channel Nine in Australia.

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