Married At First Sight stars turn on Morag at ultra-awkward dinner as she's quizzed over treatment of Luke

MARRIED At First Sight star Morag has been turned on by her co-stars in an ultra-awkward dinner as they quiz her over her marriage.

Morag could be seen answering questions submitted to her from her fellow couples – as one asked her directly about her tricky relationship with Luke.

MAFS fans have previously savaged Morag, 31, for "leading Luke on" after she confessed she did not share his feelings of love during the show.

Tensions rose between Morag and Luke last week when he convinced her he did not want kids after she vetoed the idea on their wedding day.

It's not the only thing that the star tried to change about her hubby, incluidng his dress sense to make him more "masculine".

Now, her Married At First Sight co-stars have quizzed her over her treatment of Luke after she told him she "didn't see a future" together.

Sitting around the dinner table, the fellow couples listened intently as Morag tried to explain why "the old Luke wasn't good enough" for her.

Opening up a folded piece of paper to reveal a question, she said: "This says, 'Why wasn't the old Luke good enough for you?'"

Audible gasps echoed round the room as she read the question aloud, as Dan and Matt could be seen angrily shaking their heads.

Breaking the awkward silence, Matt couldn't help but follow up: "I really want to know – I really want to know about that."

"But, wait a minute," Morag said as she tried to keep cool and regain composure, turning towards Luke to redirect the quesion.

"Can I just ask a question, was the old Luke good enough for you," she said towards her husband, who she 'married' on the TV dating experiment.

But the group were having none of the redirection, as other members stepped in to turn on Morag and defend Luke.

"Don't flip it on him," Tayah could be heard saying as an angry Matt continued, waving his finger around: "No, don't do that. Don't do that. Why?"

"Matt, leave her to answer," Josh could be heard saying, trying to diffuse the situation as his other half Amy silently sipped on her drink.

"I am going to let her answer but I want to know, I want to know the answer," he scathed, as his husband Dan sat behind him.

Morag tried to defend herself, turning to Luke: "When I met the old Luke – Luke 1.0 – I felt that Luke was still on a journey, like you were on a journey of self-love and knowing who you was."

"I felt that, I picked up on that. it was hard for me to see you like that and struggling," she added as Luke silently nodded.

"I'm going to explode, any second," Matt could be heard saying as he sipped his drink – trying to keep calm at the ulta-awkward dinner.


It comes after Morag was accused by fans of "leading on" her husband LukeDawson after she questioned her feelings towards him.

The star hit back on her social media and defended her reluctancy to call it quits with Luke despite not being in love with him.

During an Instagram Q&A with fans, one person asked her: “Why did you lead Luke on so much.? You knew you wasn't feeling him so why stay?”

Clearly furious, Morag hit back:  “How did I lead him on when I was open and honest the whole way! Leading him on would be lying! He’s a big boy if he didn't want to be there he wouldn't.”

She continued: “Remember you only see snippets of our relationship on the show. We have had our ups and down sure but I will feel no shame in continuing to try!”

Viewers were left devastated when Luke confessed he loved Morag, but she didn’t say it back. 

Speaking to her pals, Morag revealed that she doesn't see a future with Luke. She said: "I just feel like running for the hills."

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