Married At First Sight's David forced to take a cold shower after getting over-excited by steamy snog with wife Shareen

MARRIED At First Sight's David needed to take a cold shower after getting over-excited kissing new wife Shareen.

The 56-year-old sales director and 47-year-old Shareen had been married for two days when David was forced to cool off.

He accepted he feels more of a connection with his new wife than she does with him, but there were signs of progress when they shared an early morning smooch.

In our exclusive clip, the dad-of-two says: "I do have to keep reminding myself we're only two days in, especially this morning. We got a lot closer. I did have to have an early cold shower."

Shareen, 47, downplayed the moment, telling the camera: "We had a little kiss, a peck, but no intimacy as of yet. That'll just come in time."

The new couple enjoyed an outdoor stroll on their honeymoon, and David tried his luck again when they passed through a 'kissing gate'.

He puckered his lips and leaned in for a kiss but was presented with Shareen's cheek.

Mum to three grown-up daughters, Shareen moved from Durban, South Africa, to Llanelli, Wales.

The events/sales manager has never previously been married, but she believes she and David have a solid foundation.

In a frank conversation, David says: "I interpret you're not feeling the spark as I am, but I'm not unduly worried."

When Shareen replies "good", David continues: "I do feel the underlying foundations… morals of how we'd like to live our lives, we do seem to have a good foundation."

David was previously married for 10 years and has two teenage daughters.

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