Martin Kemp opens up on new BBC series regret Its really difficult

Watch the trailer for BBC 2's 'Rock Till We Drop'

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Martin Kemp is attempting to use his years of experience to create a pension pop band in the new BBC show Rock Till We Drop. In competition with Lady Leshurr, the duo have to pull out all the stops to get their retired musicians headliner ready as they dust off their old skills in this reality show with a twist.

Rock Till We Drop is a music talent contest that viewers didn’t know they needed until now.

Martin and Lady Leshurr were looking for musicians over the age of 64 in this brand new competition. 

Both of the stars have to form a rock’n’roll band that will be ready to perform at one of the biggest music events in the country.

With six weeks until show time in Tuesday’s episode, the new recruits met for the first time.

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After a trying first session, Martin and Lady met up to talk to the Isle of Wight Festival director about the upcoming gig.

Speaking first, a tired Martin asked: “How’s it going? Just be honest, how is it really? Is it killing you?”

Lady replied: “It’s killing me softly, yeah.”

Visibly relieved, the Spandau Ballet member’s body crumpled as he took his hands to his face, continuing: “I’m glad I’m not the only one.

“It’s really difficult. I have a problem with the drums and my singers.”

The rapper seemed equally relieved as she was in the “same position.”

Martin gave some insider knowledge: “It’s always the drummers, in every band I’ve been in, on my life, it’s always the drummers.”

After the therapeutic offloading session between the pair, they plucked up the courage to call John.

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The director had faith in the pair but asked Martin to promise “that they are decent players” and reminded him “that the audience have got to like them and think they are ok and not rubbish.”

The pressure got to Lady with her forgetting who she was on the phone to for a moment and letting out an exasperated “Damn; this is stressful.”

Smiling through the awkward situation, he ended the call with: “I tell you what, they are going to be fantastic, John.”

Things soon cascaded into a downward spiral for Martin after that phone call.

There were tears when he returned to the rehearsal studio.

It was all too much for 95-year-old drummer Roy, who left the band because it was too physically demanding.

With nowhere else to go and wanting to make his band the best, he also asked his female lead singer Carmen to step down as her vocals didn’t work on their current song. 

Rock Till We Drop is available on iPlayer

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