Meet Jyoti! TLC Introduces World's Smallest Woman and American Horror Story Star in New Special

Meet Jyoti Amge!

In a sneak peek of the upcoming TLC special World's Smallest Woman, viewers meet the actress, who starred as Ma Petite in season four of American Horror Story, as she tries to shop for adult clothing in the infant section of a children's store.

"The best way to not look like a baby, is to dress like an adult," Amge, 26, says in the teaser. "It's hard when you can only shop in the infant section."

Amge stands at just 24-inches and weighs only 12 pounds.

While looking through the selections, Amge is asked what size she is to which she responds: "3 months."

"All these clothes are made for little kids, but I'm not a baby," Amge says.

After shopping for some time on her own, Amge is approached by the store's owner Stefanie Whitworth to help her find some items that are more "age-appropriate."

"This is definitely the first time anyone has ever asked me for adult-style clothing in an infant size range,"  Whitworth says.

The store owner explains during a confessional interview that "babies clothes are made differently to make it easier for the parents to dress them."

Amge tells Whitworth that she's looking for "clothes to go out in at night."

Amge later tries on a series of options, which include a white fur vest and a pink velvet dress. And she appears to be most pleased with her final number — a black leather jacket with a matching purse.

"That rocks! That's adult," Amge's friends tell her.

Of the accessory, Amge says "I think it looks good with the jacket." Making the handbag all the more suitable, it can fit her phone.

"The phone's important so she can talk to boys," Amge's friend says, making the actress blush and laugh.

In the special, Amge and her family visit the U.S. from India to explore career opportunities and soak up American culture, from bowling to shopping to eating pizza.

But Amge is also in the U.S. for a more serious reason. She is hoping to find a doctor to address a debilitating health issue she has endured for years — two broken legs. However, if surgery is her only option, will she be comfortable moving forward, given the potential risks?

"I have fame, I have friends, but because of my legs, I can't live my life to the fullest. I just want my life to get better," Amge said in a previous trailer.

Amge is from Nagpur, India, and was previously declared by Guinness to be the world's shortest woman.

World's Smallest Woman: Meet Jyoti premieres July 9 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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