Megan Barton Hanson responds to criticism for first time since leaving the Love Island villa

Love Island‘s Megan Barton Hanson had a rocky ride during her time on the show – not that she’d necessarily have known it, as a lot of the drama was happening on social media while she was isolated from the outside world.

Of course, the ITV2 finalists are now back in the UK and have been reunited with their friends, their families and, of course, their mobile phones.

Thankfully it seems as though Megan has been concentrating on all of the positives. And why shouldn’t she? She made it to the Love Island final, after all, and she’s come back with a new boyfriend and a whole bunch of new friends.

Just 2 days and counting until the #loveisland series final and amazing to see Megan there with her new boyfriend @wes.nelson The support everyone is showing is actually overwhelming. Thank you ❤️

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“I feel like we’re on such a high after getting into the final, you don’t want to look at all that negativity,” Megan told Digital Spy and other journalists. “We’ve had people come up to us in airports and be like, ‘Oh my God, you’re my favourite couple.’

“I thought, ‘No, we’re never going to be anyone’s favourite’ – but because of the journey we went on and stuff like that…”

Wow! Cannot believe this whole experience has come to an end! Who’d have thought I’d be flying home today with the most beautiful girlfriend by my side, and having made so many friends for life!🙏🏾 • We are both so happy to be able to carry on this amazing love story outside in the real world❤️ • A massive thank you to everyone who has shown their support over the last 8 weeks! The positivity I’m seeing is amazing and can’t thank you enough, it means the world!🙏🏾 • See you on the other side BEBE!!! #teamwegan ❤️❤️ @meganbartonhanson_

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Megan also revealed that all of the support “meant so much”, later adding: “I don’t think about the negative stuff. I try to avoid it.”

Admitting that she’d previously been “worried” about the public’s reaction to her love triangle with Wes Nelson, Megan explained: “In the challenges, when tweets were read out, I got the gist that I wasn’t the best-loved girl on the island at all.”

Boyfriend Wes jumped in: “It’s changed over the past couple of weeks, though. The last two weeks, there’s been a lot of positivity. I think initially when we first got together, we were under a lot of scrutiny for the way that we got together…”

I could have handled it much better,” Megan admitted. “But it happened, and we’ve had to make the best of it.”

With the pair now planning to move in together, we’re sure that they’ll keep going from strength-to-strength now all of that drama is behind them.

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