Mel B says she'll go BANKRUPT if she pays full $500k to ex as Spice Girl gives up bid to move her daughter, 10, to UK

SPICE Girl Mel B has allegedly claimed she will go bankrupt if forced to pay $500,000 to her ex-husband Stephen Belafonte.

In legal documents, Mel has allegedly requested a judge release her from the order, made on September 18, to pay the amount to her ex.

"I will effectively be insolvent and will in all likelihood have to file for bankruptcy," she reportedly wrote in the motion.

"I simply do not have the ability to pay such an exorbitant sum."

Former pop star Mel has also claimed coronavirus has affected her income, to the point where she has given up on her battle to move her daughter to the UK.

Mel left LA in 2019 for her home country, and in the court documents she continued: "Because of my lack of access to liquid funds, I have formally withdrawn my international move away request that was previously pending as to Madison.

"I maintain my belief that it would be in Madison's best interest to move to the UK and reside with me and her older sisters."

Mel has two other daughters, 13-year-old Angel and Phoenix, 21.

"I am devastated that given all the financial issues and implications, I am not financially able to advocate for Madison's relocation to the United Kingdom," she shared.

The mom of three also claims she expects her expenses for the following year to exceed $700,000 including $15,000 a-month spousal support, a payment plan to the IRS – Mel owes $2.5 million – and travel costs for Madison.

In a separate declaration, Mel's newly-hired lawyer, Adam Schanz, said: 'Melanie cannot afford and does not have the ability to make the court-ordered fee awards forthwith and must instead make payments over time.

Melanie is doing everything she can to comply with the September 18 court order and not bankrupt herself.

'Melanie will not be able to remain in compliance with the court's orders without modification.

'To wit, she is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy and she has abandoned her relocation request due to her tenuous financial situation… She is facing undue financial stress and cannot financially comply with the current orders to pay forthwith.'

Judge Juhas of LA County Court will hear from Mel and Stephen at the hearing date on January 11, 2021.

Mel is also due to go to court in 2021 with Angel's father, Eddie Murphy, asking the dad-of-ten to reveal all about his income in fresh paperwork, as well as pay for her legal costs, as she demands more in child support.

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