Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort Hand Rachel Maddow Second Best Stats Ever

President Donald Trump’s really bad Tuesday was one of Rachel Maddow’s best days ever.

MBCN’s The Rachel Maddow Show was Tuesday’s most watched cable program.  Maddow’s 9 PM program scored 3.893 million viewers, 881K of them in the 25-54 age bracket. Maddow pounded her 9 PM cable news competitors both metrics, including perennial frontrunner Hannity on FNC (3.259M, 644K) and CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time (1.826M, 643K).

It was Maddow’s second highest rated day ever, behind only her much-lampooned March 16, 2017 program when she scored Trump’s 2005 tax return document, and attracted 4.13 million viewers, with 1.4M of them in the news demo.

This time, Maddow was propelled by the news that Trump’s former attorney/fixer Michael Cohen had turned himself in and plead guilty to eight counts of tax and bank fraud and campaign finance violation while, at nearly same time, a jury found Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort guilty on eight counts of bank and tax fraud.

Maddow’s leadout, Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell (3.339M, 682K) also edged out Hannity.

It was a good night all around for MSNBC as Hardball with Chris Matthews, 11th Hour with Brian Williams, All In with Chris Hayes, MTP Daily, The Beat with Ari Melber all scored their biggest total viewer stats ever.  MSNBC clocked half of cable TV’s 10 most watched primetime programs Tuesday, also including No. 6-ranked All in With Chris Hayes (2.658M, 564K), followed at No. 7 by Hardball with Chris Matthews (2.478M, 493K) and No. 10’s 11th Hour with Brian Williams (2.412M, 450K).

MSNBC (3.296M, 709K) topped primetime among cable news networks, besting FNC (2.948M, 613K) and CNN (1741M, 639K).

FNC, however, hung on to the total day win (1.621M, 329K), edging out MSNBC (1.579M, 293K), and CNN (1.006M, 322K).

But, despite Maddow and colleagues’ very big day, FNC will close its 200th consecutive month at No. 1, and Hannity his 5th consecutive month atop the heap.

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