Michael Gove savaged over ‘bizarre’ BBC Breakfast interview ‘What is he on?’

Dan Walker issues warning over fake accounts

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Secretary of State for Levelling Up Michael Gove appeared on Wednesday’s BBC Breakfast to talk about the Queen’s Speech and the cost of living crisis, but his incoherent interview confused viewers. Dan Walker had to repeat several questions as the MP avoided answering if he could, and some distracted viewers who wondered why he was using “various strange accents” when he did speak.

Although it was an early interview slot of just after 7.30am, many viewers thought that was no excuse for the poor interview Gove produced.

Wanting answers on the Government’s plans laid out by the Queen’s Speech and Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Walker was forced to repeat himself to get a response from Gove.

The yo-yoing and darting from one point to the next confused viewers and many took to Twitter to savage the politician. 

Watching Neal Foulds said: “Bizarre interview from Michael Gove on #BBCBreakfast He seemed to be speaking in various strange accents.”

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Twitter user @sdoddsy posted: “Pointless and frankly bizarre ‘interview’ with Michael Gove on #BBCBreakfast.

“Red-faced and twitchy. Keeping his head down so we can’t see the evidence in his nose #BBCBreakfast.”

Tracey Fleming tweeted: “Not sure what @michaelgove had for breakfast, but using the phrase ‘doesn’t have a Scooby’ and performing a variety of accents doesn’t fill anyone with confidence. Answer the question!!! #BBCBreakfast @mrdanwalker.”

Gillian asked: “What on earth has Gove had before this interview #BBCBreakfast,” while N Hooper added: “What is he on? #michaelgove #BBCBreakfast.”

@Robgrace2020 posted: “What has Michael Gove had for breakfast? He’s on one this morning. #BBCBreakfast.”

Adrian Harris raged: “What is up with @michaelgove on #BBCBreakfast? Is he drunk? Does he think he’s funny?

“Appalling behaviour. Further evidence of the blatant disregard the Tories have for working people with real problems.”

More to follow…

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