Michael Weatherly on Giving Mark Harmon Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation in 'NCIS'

Michael Weatherly starred in NCIS as Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo from 2003 until 2016. Playing the quick-tongued agent with a heart of gold, he boasted interrelationships that proved integral to the show’s success. From his romance with Ziva David to his master-apprentice bond with Mark Harmon’s Agent Gibbs, DiNozzo was at the crux of multiple long-gestating arcs. 

After over a decade on the show, Weatherly had the opportunity to film a handful of interesting scenes — some were comedic and light-hearted, others were a bit more high-octane, and others pulled at the heartstrings.

During an interview with AssignmentX, Michael Weatherly discussed the 200th episode of the show, whether or not he was able to predict the series’ success, and dived into one of the most memorable episodes — from his behind-the-scenes perspective. 

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Michael Weatherly talks about ‘NCIS’ episode “Requiem”

In NCIS, Mark Harmon’s Gibbs must often put Weatherly back on track — with a headslap designed to return the court jester of the group back to the work at hand. Yet, certain instances arose that forced Weatherly out of his comedy-centric bubble. One such instance occurred in the episode “Requiem. When asked about his favorite NCIS episode, Weatherly said: 

Oh, yeah. I love “Requiem,” diving into the river to pull Gibbs and his daughter’s best friend out of the car. That was a great episode and a great moment. And I got to give Mark mouth to mouth resuscitation, which is the best and the worst moment. The best because we laughed harder than we ever laughed on our set – and the worst because I had to give him mouth to mouth resuscitation [laughs].

Michael Weatherly — as is often the case – made light of the scene, calling it both the “best and worst moment.” It may have been an honor to give mouth-to-mouth to People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive of 1986; however, according to Weatherly, there was also a downside to the whole endeavor. Either way, NCIS fans remember the drama inherent to the moment, and both actors rose to the occasion — no matter how much laughing may have gone on between takes. 

Weatherly goes onto to explain that despite the fact that some deem the show “square,” it is by no means “wholesome,” because “there are some gruesome aspects” to the series. Not to mention, he says the characters can be a bit “kinky” and “ironic,” which may be the very reason the show has managed to stay at the top when compared to other network crime procedurals. 

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