Mike Myers hints at plans for Austin Powers 4 fifteen years after final film

And now fans are running wild with the thought of a sequel almost sixteen years on from the last film, Goldmember.

The funnyman, 55, told People that his eldest son Spike: "keeps asking me, 'Where’s the fourth Austin Powers?' Which is the weirdest thing."
The six-year-old's enthusiasm showed no bounds as he even had suggested plot details.

He recounted a conversation that happened when putting Spike to bed.

"He said 'What’s Dr. Evil’s lair?'And I said, "An oil rig," and he said, 'What’s an oil rig?' I said, 'It’s where you drill oil at sea.' He goes, 'It should be a sewer,' and fell asleep."

Offering that glimmer of hope to Powers-enthusiasts, he added: "'I’m like, "Get off my back. I’m doing my best."

The Shrek star's tale has lead fans to speculate whether that's a hint that, unlike his son Spike, Mike hasn't put Austin Powers to bed.

After receiving mainstream success with Austin Powers and Shrek in the 00's, Mike has been laying more low in recent years.

But now the Wayne's World actor is set to appear in the Terminal alongside fellow-comedian Simon Pegg and Margot Robbie.

The star had taken a six-year hiatus from big projects to focus on raising his three children that he shares with wife Kelly Tisdale.

He said after prioritising his family, he's ready to step back into the limelight: "I know what I’m doing in terms of my kids now, so that was a good six years."

Speaking about returning to movie-making and the promotional trail, he beamingly told the publication:

"I was on Saturday Night Live recently and then I was on Jimmy (Fallon) and I did Dr. Evil and I just did Trump’s doctor on Kimmel."

He added: "I love it. It’s like being shot out of a cannon without a net. It’s so much fun."

Mike recently paid tribute to his co-star Verne Troyer who died aged 49 in April 2018.

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