Mindy Shiben has a warning about being on Married at First Sight

Married At First Sight alum Mindy Shiben knows a thing or two about the televised marriage experiment and isn’t afraid to forewarn anyone else who’s considering finding love on the hit reality show. Mindy appeared in Season 10, hosted in Washington D.C., and had one of the worst marital experiences after being matched with Zach Justice. During their time together after marrying on the day they met, it didn’t take Mindy too long to realize Zach just wasn’t that into her. 

It was on the group’s honeymoon trip when Mindy was able to compare Zach’s treatment toward her to the other husbands in the group. “The other couples that are traveling with us, I see most of these husbands treating their wives really well and taking care of them in a way… and he’s treating me like a friend,” she told producers. “That’s fine. But, I feel kinda lousy right now,” she added. However, Zach shared how he wasn’t going to “force public PDA” as the two moved to build a “friendship.” Later during the trip, Mindy shared her disappointment after Zach admitted to not “building any kind of attraction” to his new wife. 

Two weeks before Decision Day, Mindy was left begging Zach for a divorce on Instagram after she called him out for allegedly being inappropriate with her friend Lindsay, Reality TV World reports. Meanwhile, Zach fired back and accused her of being drunk when she made the post. Here’s what Mindy has to say to any potential future MAFS participants.

'Miss Optimistic' shares her cautionary MAFS advice

Considering how tumultuous Mindy Shiben’s fate was on Married At First Sight, she decided to give some advice to the Season 12 cast and anyone else considering signing up for the marriage experiment. The alum explained how conflict resolution is vital to making the relationship work, Soap Dirt reported. According to the Season 10 alum, she says the damage control goes deeper than just connecting with your new spouse on screen, it also applied to the public scrutiny friends and family members can experience as a result of the cast being on reality television.  

Mindy also warned future couples that the show “never goes away.” She said as the years pass, fans will still reach out and ask about her ex-husband even though she is “over her experience.” She went on to share her mindset when going into the MAFS process and said she was focused on “being awesome” in hopes that the other person would do the same. However, “Miss Optimistic” was still left begging for divorce on social media after “The Fitness Fanatic” embarrassed her on national TV. According to Mindy, dealing with haters online can be “exhausting,” but she takes it in stride. She knows her future children will be able to watch her experience on the show when they get older and it’s something she says all MAFS couples should consider. 

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