Morgan Willett Talks Johnny 'Bananas' Cheating, Says 'The Challenge' Fans Will Call Her a 'Hypocrite'

Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio and Morgan Willett seemed like the perfect couple. They met via MTV’s The Challenge and managed to sustain a relationship for years despite a rocky past. Unfortunately, Morgan confirmed Johnny cheated on her via Instagram — though she knows some fans of The Challenge will call her a hypocrite. Here’s why.

Who did Johnny ‘Bananas’ cheat on Morgan with? Fans think they spotted a woman in a video

Johnny “Bananas” and Morgan seemed like the ideal couple. While meeting on MTV’s The Challenge isn’t always a recipe for romantic success, the two stepped away from the reality series and seemed to focus on their own personal endeavors and relationship. But a recent video posted online seemed to show Johnny out with another woman.

So, who did Johnny “Bananas” cheat on Morgan with? According to Monsters & Critics, a video posted to @thechallengeshaderoom’s Instagram briefly showed Johnny getting quite cozy with another woman who wasn’t Morgan. It’s unclear who the woman is, but fans confirmed it’s a woman with “dark brown hair” who looks nothing like Morgan. From there, the cheating rumors circulated. Then, on Oct. 3, 2021, Morgan confirmed via Instagram Stories Johnny cheated on her.

“This past week has been difficult,” she wrote on Instagram Stories. “The person I truly loved more than anything else cheated on me and I found out and I had to leave. I don’t know what else to say, but I physically hurt.”

Morgan says fans of MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ may call her a ‘hypocrite’ because of her past actions

Johnny “Bananas” and Morgan have certainly weathered storms and rumors in the past, but it sounds like Morgan is totally finished with Johnny this time. Unfortunately, she knows fans of MTV’s The Challenge will likely call her out for her past actions.

“And you may call me a hypocrite, and you may say I deserve this … and honestly, that’s OK,” she continued on her Instagram Stories. “I’m not saying any of this for you. I’m saying this for ME and for whoever out there doesn’t feel like enough.”

So, why might fans call Morgan a hypocrite for what’s happening now? Morgan dated Jay Starrett from Survivor, and they went on Ex on the Beach together. Rumors suggested Morgan got involved with Johnny “Bananas” while they both competed on The Challenge: War of the Worlds — but she was allegedly still with Jay at the time.

Morgan later owned up to her mistakes on the Watch With Us podcast. “I talked to Jay,” she said. We decided to be just friends. We were on good terms. Later on, he asked me about Johnny and I owned it. I was like, ‘You know what, I’ll be real. I’ve been seeing him. This happened,’ blah, blah, blah, and he was fine with it.”

Will Johnny ‘Bananas’ return to ‘The Challenge’? He misses the show

The Johnny “Bananas” and Morgan drama is certainly making a splash for fans of MTV’s The Challenge. Will Johnny “Bananas” return to The Challenge now that he’s single? According to Us Weekly, the seven-time champion of the show may consider it in the future.

“It’s something that I’d be open to doing,” he told the Watch With Us podcast. “Believe it or not, the first season of All Stars, I was a yes. I told them I’d do it, but I think it was too soon after my Total Madness win, and I think that they are trying to maybe create a little bit of space between the flagship Challenge and All Stars. … I’d say the chances of seeing me on a Challenge in the near future [are good]. All Stars would probably be a much more logical one to see me on.”

While Johnny “Bananas” and Morgan’s relationship may be finished, perhaps it’s the push the champion needs to get back in the game.

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