So, was Morgan's transfer to Fear the Walking Dead worth it?

When Morgan was confirmed as the crossover character for Fear the Walking Dead season four, much was made about how The Walking Dead season eight set up his arc on the spin-off show.

Four episodes in – including one where he barely featured – and we’re currently wondering if what they really meant was that Morgan’s story would be exactly the same, only taking place in a different location.

Recent seasons of The Walking Dead have seen Morgan struggle with his whole ‘All life is precious’ stance, seemingly deciding that after he helped Rick brutally slaughter a bunch of Saviours in season eight that enough was enough. Haunted by visions of people he killed, Morgan decided that he couldn’t be part of the team anymore and trekked halfway across the country to get away.

Fair enough, we’d probably do the same if Rick, Carol and Jesus just wouldn’t leave us alone.

But as he told Al (Maggie Grace) in the first episode of Fear the Walking Dead season four, the main reason he wanted to get away from others was that he loses people – and that causes him to “lose myself”.

Cue him getting close to Nick (Frank Dillane) in episode three, trying to bring him around to his way of thinking as Nick sought vengeance on the Vultures, before Nick was tragically killed by Charlie in the very same episode.

And the cycle (probably) repeats again, which is exactly our worry.

Morgan’s move over to Fear the Walking Dead was a chance to revive a character who had been stuck in the same storyline for a few seasons, giving Lennie James a chance to really show off his talent. Watch him in any other show and you instantly know what The Walking Dead has been wasting, but Fear the Walking Dead seems destined to do the same.

What’s more, the end of episode four saw all the original characters head off with Al to find the Vultures, leaving Morgan with just John Dorie (Garret Dillahunt), introduced in season four, for company. So if the next few episodes will just see Morgan interacting with John, then what was the point in him crossing over? Any focus on that storyline risks alienating fans who are already smarting following the death of Nick.

We’re sure that the storylines will converge in the near future, if not the next episode, but we can only see the Morgan-and-John story going one way. John determined to join up with the rest of the group to seek vengeance for the apparent death of his girlfriend and Morgan trying to persuade him that violence isn’t the answer. Sound familiar?

Nick’s death has at least shown one reason why Morgan might have been chosen to cross over. In the latest episode, it’s Morgan who seems most involved in Nick getting a proper burial, showcasing that The Walking Dead characters have been more empathetic as a whole compared to their Fear the Walking Dead counterparts.

Now, we’re not saying we want the Fear the Walking Dead lot to become the type to write endless letters and mope around. Part of the show’s success has been that the characters are generally more self-involved and not willing to put everything on the line for every random they come across, even if it’s at the cost of their humanity as time goes on.

However, a bit of emotional development could be good, especially when it comes to their relationships with each other, and a seismic event like the death of Nick could be just the starting point needed. They already seemed to be on their way to gaining a bit of hope as Nick, Luciana, Strand and Alicia decided to stick around to help Madison with the Diamond.

For now though, Morgan’s much-hyped crossover to Fear the Walking Dead is feeling like a non-event – as it’s the same old story.

Fear the Walking Dead airs on AMC in the US and on AMC on BT TV in the UK.

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