This Morning criticised for "patronising" Toff segment that saw her work in KFC

This Morning has been criticised for today’s (April 24) “patronising” segment that saw Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo work in KFC.

It was the latest instalment in their ‘It’s a Toff Life’ series that has previously seen Toff sweep chimneys and clean sewers, but this time sending her to a KFC in Glasgow has gone too far with viewers.

“Good old Toff has to slum it like ordinary folk for a day. That’s not entertainment; that’s patronising working class people,” argued one viewer, with another one adding: “I like Toff but this ‘It’s a Toff Life’ segment is white snob privilege at its finest.”

After Toff tried her hand at cooking some chicken and serving customers, she reflected on her gruelling experience with the Colonel.

“I’m exhausted! My arms are tired, my brain is tired and I must say it’s hot and sweaty back here. I thought this would be fun but I’m running round like a headless chicken,” she explained.

Back in February, Toff said that she has learnt to be herself and if people want to judge her, she doesn’t care anymore. “I think [winning I’m a Celebrity] gave me the confidence to just be me and be liked,” Toff told Digital Spy.

“I always worry because of the way I speak and the show I was made famous for, people think I’m a wally. And actually I know I’m nice, so people can bugger off if they don’t think so.”

This Morning airs weekdays at 10.30am on ITV.

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