Naga Munchetty branded ‘bad one’ as she orders reporter to cause chaos at a pub

BBC Breakfast presenter Naga Munchetty tried to make her colleague Ben Thompson shake a Christmas Tree and cause some mayhem while he was conducting a serious report from a brewery and pub in London, prompting him to label her a "bad one".

The Goodness Brewing Company has suffered serious challenges to stay afloat throughout the coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns in the UK, and is just one example of many pubs that have struggled.

Business reporter Ben was interviewing two co-founders Joe Sheasgreen and Zach Ahmed from their establishment in North London on the BBC programme today.

After an interview about a difficult Christmas that left the owners convinced they would have to go under, Ben took viewers over to an incredible sight of a fir tree still standing in the corner.

It appeared the tree’s needles were still very much intact, but Ben warned viewers and Naga back in the BBC studio that they should leave it alone.

"I’m not going to get too close to it because I think if I touch it it might all come crashing down," he said.

Suddenly heard from the studio, Naga pressed: "Oh go on just nudge into it, just accidentally nudge into it just to see.

"Give it a little shake, just to see how many drop," the presenter continued, and as Ben shook his head unsure, Naga became more forceful.

"Give it a little shake, go on," she pushed.

Frustrated with the presenter trying to force him to cause chaos out on the beat, Ben declared: "You’re such a bad one, look."

Releasing a little chuckle, Ben tentatively touched the needles and then shook it a little bit, but the tree held fast and didn’t move.

Disappointed nothing more dramatic had happened, Naga began: "That’s barely…"

"See that’s done really well, it’s not even in water," Ben cut in, relieved he hadn’t brought down his interviewees’ decor.

"I wanna know where they got this one because I’m gonna buy mine there next year!" the business reporter finished.

Charlie Stayt added: "Thank you Ben there’s clearly a good feeling there and they’ve had a really difficult time so thank you very much," as Naga couldn’t help giggling back in the studio.

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