‘NCIS’: Who Plays Phineas, Gibbs’ Neighbor?

If you’ve been watching the last couple of “NCIS” episodes, then you’ve seen Gibbs’ new neighbors, Phineas and Sarah. Gibbs seems to be getting close to Phineas and has taken him under his wing. He even started treating his young neighbor as if he were his son. Although Gibbs often spends a lot of time by himself, he has come out of his shell to teach Phineas how to throw a baseball and help him with a school science project.

Who plays Phineas on “NCIS”? Here’s everything Showbiz Cheat Sheet knows about the actor.

Who plays Phineas on ‘NCIS’?

The boy who plays Phineas is actor Jack Fisher. Fisher madehis acting debut in the television series “American Horror Story.” He playedthe role of Albert in a 2015 episode titled “Devil’s Night.” After that, Fisherappeared in a 2017 episode of “Stitchers” titled “Paternis.” His other actingroles include appearances in “The Last Ship,” “Billy Boy,” and “DC’s Legends ofTomorrow.”

This isn’t the first time Fisher has been in an “NCIS” show.Back in 2017, Fisher appeared in an “NCIS: Los Angeles” episode titled “Fool MeTwice,” in which he played the role of Peter. In this episode, Callen’s ex, CIAagent Joelle Taylor, escapes from a group of kidnappers. After her ordeal, she comesto Callen and the team for help.

This year has been busy for Fisher. In 2019 he has had rolesin “The Conners,” “Weird City,” and the television movie “Hidden In PlainSight.” His next project is titled “The Adventures of Bunny Bravo.”

How old is Jack Fisher?

Jack Fisher plays an eleven-year-old on “NCIS.” As of this writing,we didn’t find any information about his age. A lot of actors tend to playcharacters who are younger than their real age, so it’s possible Fisher mightbe older than his character, Phineas.

Who plays Phineas’ mother on ‘NCIS’?

So, who is the woman who plays Phineas’ mother? The womanwho plays Phineas’ mom and Gibbs’ new neighbor is actress Louise Barnes. Shemade her acting debut in 1991 in a television series titled “Egoli: Place ofGold.” After that, she appeared in a 1994 TV movie titled “Where Angels Tread.”Her other acting credits include roles in “Jozi-H,” “Black Sails,” “Outsiders,”and “Jane the Virgin.” Barnes has two projects in the works titled “Reprisal”and “Colonials.”

What’s happening next on ‘NCIS’

In season 17, episode nine, titled “IRL,” the team investigates a petty officer’s murder. One thing that has the agents puzzled is that the murder was live-streamed on a gaming app. Who would do something like this? This episode is reminiscent of “NCIS” season 17, episode seven, titled “No Vacancy.” In this episode, spy cameras are found hidden above a hotel room after someone is murdered. The team has to figure out who put the cameras in the crawl space, why they were there, and how the murder is connected.

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