Netflix renews Dead To Me for third and final season – with Christina Applegate gushing over plans to ‘tie up story'

THE final series of Netflix's Dead To Me promises to "tie up" the story of the female protagonists for good.

Emmy-award winner Christina Applegate, who plays mom of two Jen Harding, also acts as executive producer and took to Twitter to reveal how the plot's loose ends would be solved in season three.

The 48-year-old wrote: "I will miss these ladies.

"But we felt this was the best way to tie up the story of these women.

"Thank you to all the fans.

"We will be getting back to work when it is safe to do so. Much love."

The show see's Christina's character, an estate agent, form a close bond with assisted living employer Judy Hale when they meet at a support group, after Judy's car crash results in the death of Jen's husband.

The second series of Dead To Me, was even more of a roller-coaster than the last.

First off viewers discovered that Judy's ex-finance Steve was most definitely dead after Jen killed him at her house.

The two women then buried his body in the woods.

Viewers were then granted a huge shock when 'Steve' turned up at Jen's door – only it wasn't Steve, it was his (much nicer) twin brother Ben.

But the biggest cliffhanger was when the final scene saw Jen and Judy in the car discussing going on holiday, now that they were free from worry.

However, their car was then crashed into by none other than Steve's twin, Ben.

The next series will no doubt pick up the story from there and detail the next steps for the feisty females.

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