Netflix Shares A New 'Somebody Feed Phil' Trailer

This time Phil Rosenthal goes to Venice, Capetown, Dublin, New York, Buenos Aires, and Copenhagen.

Next week Netflix will release a new season of Somebody Feed Phil with Phil Rosenthal visiting new locations, and in advance, they have released a trailer that shows the countries that he is visiting this time. The new episodes will start streaming on July 6th, but fans can enjoy the trailer that teases that once again, Rosenthal has many adventures and brings along several famous friends.

Fans of the series know that Phil embraces the food and culture of everywhere he visits, and seeing him dressed as a gaucho on horseback suggests that this season won’t disappoint. Eater says that this season, Rosenthal will be touching down in Venice, Capetown, Dublin, New York, Buenos Aires, and Copenhagen, tasting the local cuisine and getting the inside scoop from chefs and cultural experts.

Tracy Morgan, Elaine May, Massimo Bottura, and Nancy Silverton are among Rosenthal’s famous friends who join him for a meal or a tour, and the trailer shows Phil having an egg cream in New York with comedian Tracy Morgan in a New York deli.

And of course, the video included Phil doing what he does best, and that is making light of a situation. About his gaucho outfit, he wonders what his wife will think.

“What if my wife sees this and likes it? Then she’ll want me to wear it around the house.”

@Sorbillo one of the world’s great pizzerias. Swipe for close on the #diavolo and the special #mozzarelladibufala DOP. Both sensational. Classic. And the most classic, Sorbillo himself. Thanks to @vikingcruises for the ride. #somebodyfeedphil more Napoli. #netflixandphil new eps July 6 #myvikingstory #vikingorion #Naples #Pizza

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Phil Rosenthal says that opening up borders and introducing people to new cultures is far better than building walls to keep people out. He says that through understanding and appreciation, we can communicate better. He uses self-deprecating humor to show that if he can travel the world, anyone can.

“My message is simple: Instead of a wall, how about a table. I go a little further outside my comfort zone in these next six episodes. I get wet, I ride a horse, and I take a tango lesson from a professional dancer. I think she retired right after me. So did the horse. I’m hoping people watch me and say, ‘If that putz can go outside, maybe I can, too.’”

Rosenthal seems more surprised than anyone that his show is so popular. The creator of Everybody Loves Raymond has graciously reached out to thank fans for watching.

“I just want to thank you all for your support this year and I’m so happy you liked the food and travel show and I’ve gotten all your messages on social media asking are there going to be more shows.”
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