New Hollyoaks trailer gives first look at Ste's arrest for terror plot, serial killer Breda getting caught and hints Tony could DIE in horrific accident

The Hollyoaks autumn trailer promises some serious twists and turns as it gives the first look at some huge events in the village.

Some of the soap's biggest storylines will reach their climax as the trailer gives a sneak peek at Ste's arrest for a terror plot, serial killer Breda getting caught and it hints Tony could DIE in horrific accident.

It also reveals a huge stunt on the construction site that will risk the lives of a number of the characters.

In the clip Cindy is seen riding a digger as she unveils her plan for the Cunningham’s Grand Bazaar.

Disaster strikes as an angry Luke gets in to the crane, presses buttons, and demands to get this thing built.

Luke stands in The Hutch and watches in horror as a crane falls and crashes in to the village, and it looks like The Florist, and Scott and Mitchell, are in the firing line.

The trailer also reveals that under the village are tunnels, and Darren and Nancy are looking for Ella and Charlie under there. The ground starts to crumble and fall above them.

Meanwhile the Far Right group Ste is part of makes plans to take direct action at Sami and Sinead’s engagement party.

Jonny wants to show them how serious they are, but Ste cries out that this wasn’t the plan, is Ste having second thoughts?

The organisation’s plan of attack hasn’t gone unnoticed, as undercover police track their move, and later Ste is forced to get on the ground by armed police.

It hints that Ste might be having second thoughts, but is it too late for him as he appears to get arrested.

Elsewhere Tony is seen screaming for help as Goldie arrives at the Pig Farm where he is being held captive. Will he be able to escape?

Other storylines touched on in the trailer include DJ’s real father, Mitchell and Scott’s forbidden love story and the discovery of Harry’s body.

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