Nigella Lawson has fans in fits with ‘salty cucumber liquid’ and ‘oily balls’

Nigella Lawson has sent fans into frenzy when she dropped a very saucy bomb on her Christmas special including mixing drinks with her "salty cucumber liquid".

The 60-year-old celebrity chef has recently made headlines like her brown curry with banana skin and the astonishing pronunciation of " microwave " when BBC2 aired her programme Cook, Eat, Repeat.

But the latest episode was packed with innuendo, leaving viewers howling.

In one segment she tells the recipe to make her signature "mean green dirty martinis" with the leftover "salty cucumber liquid" she got from making salads earlier.

She says: "Now this I made by shaking together over ice, one part dry white vermouth, two parts of my salty cucumber liquid and four parts of gin or vodka."

Next Nigella moves on to prepare the seasoning for the Scandi-style pork ribs by crushing herbs with a pestle in a mortar.

The cheeky food lover says: "I'm going to go gently at first so the berries don't just jump out of the mortar.

"You can of course use a stick blender for this but I love using a pestle and mortar.

"And now I’m going to start pummelling, even if it does make everything in the kitchen shake and tremble."

The script is filled with Nigella's trademark suggestive manners as she finishes the episode with Dutch fried doughnuts.

She puts the dough mix in a bowl and explains: "I don't want to put you off, but olibollen literally means oily balls.

"But I can promise you these are anything but greasy."

Viewers were shocked by Nigella's surprise Christmas special.

One wrote: "Nigella Lawson, did you really just say 'taste my salty cucumber liquid'…. you have such a way with words."

"Start pummeling? Nigella, sorry I’ve lost it completely," another asked.

A third added: "Presuming everyone lost their s*** at Nigella Lawson and her oily balls last night? She really is our nation’s last saving grace."

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