Ozark season 4: Hidden meaning in Byrdes car crash exposed after pointless backlash

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Netflix’s award-winning crime series Ozark aired its fourth and final season in April, which was met with mixed reactions from viewers after a key car crash scene. However, many fans believe there was a hidden meaning behind the accident and revealed why it was a pivotal moment for the family.

The final season of Ozark returned with a new focus as the family were desperate to return back to Chicago and put their money-laundering ways behind them.

However, as expected, this proved to be a huge challenge as they had been cleaning the cash for the Omar Navarro’s (played by Felix Solis) cartel who refused to free them without his own freedom.

As Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) and his wife Wendy (Laura Linney) battled through an immunity deal with the FBI and family chaos, the family were in a jaw-dropping car crash.

Although the couple and their two children survived unscathed, many have labelled the scene as pointless whereas other fans believed there was a hidden meaning.

Taking to Reddit, user Bippy73 wrote: ”I think it was pivotal to where they were going in the show.

“That’s why they showed it in the first part of the season because it became much more important, it was extremely symbolic of them reborn as a family again.”

The viewer noted: “I don’t think it’s a coincidence that even visually it looks like they are all coming out of the womb as they exit the car.

“They were splintered and the reality of almost losing any of them in that crash, particularly Wendy, who is certainly the villain of the family, made them rethink all of it.”

Recounting the moments before the crash, the fans continued: “The kids were gonna leave with Nathan, Wendy told Marty she expected him to leave her.

“The kids were angry at Marty for allowing Wendy to run roughshod over them, all of it.

“They realised how much they actually love each other and that they are bonded together for better or for worse. That completely reframes everything in the show.”

For the majority of season four, viewers considered Wendy to be a villain as she hid the truth about her brother’s death from her estranged father, who arrived with a search party.

Her son Jonah (Skylar Gaertner) despised her for having a hand in the death of his beloved uncle.

Alongside his sister Charlotte (Sofia Hublitz), he was prepared to leave Missouri with her father, who had begun custody proceedings.

However, resentment seemed to fade away after the car crash as the family walked home and carried on with their day.

Another fan, Ok-Minue876 agreed: “I also think it’s symbolic of how untouchable the Byrdes are and how they can survive anything thrown their way.”

User Shujolnyc added: “The crash is chaotic and reminds us exactly how chaotic they, and their lives are upended in heartbeat and that includes you if you cross paths with them.”

Although a majority of viewers agreed with the hidden meaning theory, there were a number of people who completely disagreed.

This included NothingButLs who wrote: “It was very important and that’s why it was so stupid, the catalyst of the family coming back together should not be a random car crash.”

They explained: “I don’t feel Jonah’s change of heart after the crash was explored enough. After the crash, he gives a small embrace of Wendy when she’s pulled from the wreckage, but does he give any more elaboration into his switch?”

Ozark is available on Netflix.

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