'Party of Five': Will Vanessa Tear Emilio and Beto Apart?

The Acosta family has enough turmoil on Party of Five without fighting amongst themselves. The U.S. sent their parents back to Mexico, leaving the siblings to care for themselves. Emilio (Brandon Larracuente) is running the restaurant and dating Vanessa, even though Beto (Niko Guardado) liked Vanessa (Amanda Arcuri) too. Could this tear the brothers apart?

Larracuente and Guardado spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet about Party of Five. Each shared their perspective on the love triangle between Emilio, Beto and Vanessa. Party of Five airs Wednesday nights on Freeform. 

‘Party of Five’ may be a party of two for Emilio and Vanessa

Emilio was never monogamous before Vanessa, or before Party of Five began. True, it’s only been three episodes, but this relationship is a new phase for Emilio.

“I think the reason why he begins to settle down and begins to date her is because honestly, he doesn’t have time for anything else,” Larracuente said. “He’s not a very good juggler of many things. He can only focus on one thing at a time.”

The familial responsibilities of Party of Five come with a desire or need for stability.

“I think him running around living that rock star lifestyle that he was used to was fun back when he was living on his own,” Larracuente said.” He didn’t have the responsibilities of being a parent, running a restaurant. But now that that’s all coinciding, he’s willing to settle down and maybe look for something long term. Vanessa kind of alleviates those responsibilities off of his shoulders.”

Beto may need Emilio’s help when it comes to women

Beto confronted Emilio on dating Vanessa and Emilio stood his ground. Once this all blows over, Emilio may be able to help Beto come out of his shell with dating.

“I think his brother starts to help him out throughout the first season whether he wants it or not,” Guardado said. “As much as Beto becomes a father figure, so does Emilio. So Emilio kind of takes that job of a father to help me out with certain situations that come.”

Emilio has no regrets about Vanessa though

Whether Emilio or Beto dated Vanessa, the other one would be hurt. That’s the nature of the drama on Party of Five. At a certain point, Emilio had to allow himself something positive even if it hurt his brother’s feelings.

“He understands that Beto likes her but at the end of the day, I think every now and then, it’s good for him to be selfish, to think about himself because he is putting a huge part of his hopes and dreams aside,” Larracuente said. “He’s not willing to sacrifice his happiness with this young lady just because his brother had a crush on her.”

Larracuente feels confident that the friction between Beto and Emilio is only temporary.

“I think that’s one of those circumstances where he kind of needs to think about himself in that situation, not so much about what Beto had to say,” Larracuente said. “Beto will get over one day so I deserve to live a happy life. I deserve to be happy and to find someone.”

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