Peaky Blinder fans distracted as Harry Styles lookalike joins Shelby clan

Peaky Blinders viewers couldn't believe their eyes when they saw Tommy Shelby introduce his long lost son to the family.

But it wasn't just the sudden new addition to the family that caught their attention – it was the fact he closely resembles a certain popular former boyband member.

Fans of the show rushed to Twitter to comment that Erasmus "Duke" Shelby is in fact a dead ringer for One Direction star Harry Styles.

One wrote: "Genuinely thought it was Harry Styles, I need to find my specs."

Another added: "I can’t be the only one who thought when Tommy's son came in was harry styles at first."

A third continued: "Tommy’s son is a Wish version of Harry Styles."

A fourth social media user tweeted: "Tommy’s son looks ever so slightly like Harry Styles."

Another penned: "Oi don’t talk to Arthur like that Poundland Harry Styles."

The head of The Shelby clan was last week seen learning that he had fathered Duke 20 years earlier during a brief romp under a hazel tree with the boys now-deceased mother at Appleby Fair.

He learned of his existence on a visit to the gipsy camp where he had been living with his relatives ever since his mother's death.

Tommy learned of the boy's identity shortly after the tragic death of his daughter with wife Lizzie, Ruby, who passed away from TB.

Duke was subsequently brought to Birmingham by Tommy as he invited him to join the family business after learning his tragic fate in last week's episode.

Unbeknown to the rest of the Shelbys – including siblings Arthur, Finn and Ada and treacherous cousin Michael Gray – Tommy has been diagnosed with tuberculoma after undergoing tests when Ruby fell ill.

His own GP delivered the shocking news to him last week – giving him just a year to 18 months to live.

Fans are now keen to see an increase in violence from the ore subdued and sober Tommy of this season, hoping he will return to his old ways as he comes face to face with his own death.

Peaky Blinders concludes Sunday, April 3, 9 pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer

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