Peter Andre denies he stuffed 'socks' down his pants as he shares bulge snap to compete with Mark Wright

PETER Andre posted a hilarious “who wore it best” snap of him and Mark Wright in just their underwear but fans teased him that he’d stuffed his pants with socks. 

The singer, 47, took the ribbing with good humour as he denied packing anything down his briefs, or as one cheeky follower asked – giving himself a pre “rub rub” before taking the photo.

The dad-of-four shared the saucy side-by-side snaps of him and his pal Mark Wright with his 1.6 million followers on Instagram. 

He wrote next to the shots: “With all this talk circulating I guess I better ask who wore it best? The tan of course. @wrighty or me ?”

While former-Towie star Mark Wright has yet to comment on the twin up, his fans loved the photos and rushed to offer their ideas on what might be down Peter’s pants. 

One big fan wrote: “All I can say is – lucky socks ?"

A second joked: "Emily is wondering where the Sky remote has gone”

“Either Socks in pants or a quick rub rub pre picture me thinks,” added one very cheeky follower.

A fourth joked, “How many socks Pete?” to which the Mysterious Girl singer replied, “not this time luv”

Pete’s post comes after it was revealed today that Rebekah Vardy’s kiss and tell story about his “chipolata” has been used by Coleen Rooney’s lawyers to “prove she’s a serial leaker.

Explosive legal documents filed at the High Court show that Coleen’s lawyers have accused Rebekah of leaking private stories about other celebrities to the Press.

The files include details about Rebekah’s 2001 interview with the News of the World where she opened up about her night of passion with the pop star.

The documents state: “The Claimant’s first appearance in the national press came in 2004 in a ‘kiss and tell’ interview with Jane Atkinson of The News of the World.

“The Claimant sold her story to The News of the World in exchange for disclosing private information about Peter Andre, the singer, who had just achieved enormous public attention through his successful appearance on “I’m a Celebrity”.

“The interview was published in print in The News of the World on 14 March 2004 on page 45, entitled “Peter’s hung like a small chipolata, shaved, slobbery, lasts 5 minutes… then falls asleep”.

“In the interview, the Claimant disclosed amongst other things that (i) she had sexual intercourse with Peter Andre in November 2001, and that it lasted just five minutes.

“ii) Peter Andre had “the smallest trouser equipment I’ve ever seen” that was “like a miniature chipolata”.

“(iii) That he “had absolutely no hairs on his body”; and (iv) he “slaver[ed]” like one of her boxer dogs when he kissed her.”

Mr Andre, 47, has never publicly commented on the claims made by Rebekah, 38, in her News of the World interview.

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