Peter Andre despairs at ‘disaster’ dinner as he cooks for the kids while wife Emily is working – The Sun

PETER Andre despairs at his "disaster" dinner as he cooks for the kids while wife Emily MacDonagh is away.

The dad-of-four has a full house, with Junior, 14, and Princess, 12, staying at his alongside kids Amelia, six, and Theo, three, who he shares with Emily.

But not everything went to plan as he had a kitchen disaster when trying to prepare dinner.

The first video shows rice absolutely everywhere, as he called over Princess to show what he'd done.

He said: "Ohh Bist, look what I've done."

Then he revealed he'd decided to make pizzas for the kids, while bemoaning the mess he'd made around the house.

Peter continued: "I'm making pizzas for my kids while my son listens to Eminem. And this place is a mess I've got to clean up before Ems comes home."

Exhausted Emily is currently working on the frontlines as a junior doctor for the NHS.

Pete previously said Emily was his “hero” as she continues to fight the deadly virus at work.

The Mysterious Girl singer has tried to keep on top of the home life as they continue lockdown at home – including hiring a tutor for daughter Amelia.

Despite working inn the hospital, she's still getting stuck into home chores.

Last week Emily, 30, was seen letting loose with some moves – while entertaining their son Theo who was transfixed as she wiped down the hob to the strains of Faithless.

Wearing a pair of yellow gloves, she continued cleaning the kitchen at the same time as Peter watched on, stunned.

He wrote: "What is she on?" but he later succumbed to the craze himself.

Peter was shown wheeling about with a mop to the strains of Don't Worry Bout A Thing.

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