Peter Andre says all he wants for Father’s Day is breakfast in bed as he reveals secret to dealing with four kids at 47 – The Sun

PERFECT dad Peter Andre has revealed how he keeps up with four kids at 47.

The Mysterious Girl singer and TV presenter has turned back time with his youthful looks and famous six-pack by drinking collagen, working out every morning and eating clean.

But today he’s treating himself to chocolate cake – but only because it’s Father’s Day.

The busy dad-of-four says he isn't hoping for a mountain of gifts, but admits he "wouldn’t say no” to a slice of a delicious homemade cake.

Peter, 47, says: “I've hinted to the kids about 100 times so let's hope that on Father's Day they remember to write me a card, that's all I want. I'm not going to lie… I would like a little bit of breakfast in bed.

“Father's Day for me is about them remembering, but if they want to bake a cake I'm not going to say no.”

The 47-year-old has Junior, 15, and Princess, 12, with his ex-wife Katie Price, and little Theo, three, and Amelia, six, with his wife and trainee doctor Emily, 30.

He has taken sole charge of the children for the last three months while Emily fights coronavirus on the front line working in A&E.

And fans have been getting an inside look at how he's dealing with lockdown life after inviting them into his bustling home on his new reality show, Life With The Andres, on The Sun’s YouTube channel.

He has flashed his famous six pack in the show and fans have pointed out his youthful looks, radiant skin, and lack of wrinkles.

He says this is no accident, as he’s been drinking collagen by Reverse Life to fight the signs of ageing.

On turning back the years, he said: “Lockdown life makes it easy to put health on hold but with Reverse Life you don’t have to do that.”

Despite being busy cooking and cleaning for his four kids, Peter isn’t afraid of being outnumbered and now wants even more.

He says: “It’s on the cards. I was very adamant that it wasn’t going to happen. But now with Theo, he's going to start school full time in September, and the fact we've had this whole time bonding, I have never spent this much time at home with all the kids.

"It's made me actually go, ‘do you know what? Having a family is the best thing ever’. While we can we should. I'm up for maybe one more, and Emily is thinking two. That's where we're at at the moment.”

With his clean eating and fitness regime he’s still got enough energy to keep up with a gaggle of hungry teenagers on Junior’s 15th birthday.

He said: “I asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday; all he wanted was to go and play football with his friends.

So we opened presents with him in the morning, he had football with A COUPLE OF friends and we got HIM a Nandos. It was wonderful.”

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