Peter Weber Seems Super Into Miss Iowa 2017 and TBH, She Could Win This Whole Thing

Much like the family-sized personal pizza I just ordered, The Bachelor is coming and there’s nothing you can do about it. The iconic show’s millionth season is just around the corner, and this time ’round, our main man is someone we can all get on board with: Peter Weber. Even if you were rooting for Mike Johnson (truly same), the fact is Peter seems like a solid dude who just wants to live his best pilot life and fly high on the wings of love/airplanes.

And while it looks like ABC has done their best to find him a worthy group of women to date all at the same time (normal!), you should definitely expect some drama this season. Bachelor spoiler sleuth Reality Steve reports that Peter’s girlfriends include multiple pageant queens and their ~drama~, which brings us to Kelsey Weier. It looks like Kelsey makes it pretty far in the race to win Peter’s free Delta miles, so it’s time to find out literally everything about her.

^Me rolling up my sleeves and doing this internet deep dive.

She Won Miss Iowa USA 2017

And here’s the good news for people very into sleuthing (hi, hello there): While Kelsey’s personal Instagram account is private because she’s on The Bachelor, she took over Miss Iowa’s account back in 2016 and there are still a ton of pictures. Like, here she is encouraging everyone to vote!

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Today is Election Day. Go vote!

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And here she is perched atop a gaggle of men!

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Let's! Go! Hawks! #oniowa #iowafootball

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And here she is Boomeranging on the beach!

Also, please note that Kelsey competed in Miss USA and wore this not-at-all casual evening gown. Expect her outfits on The Bachelor to be insanely extra:

She’s Bringing the Drama

Apparently, Kelsey and fellow Bachelor contestant Hannah Sluss are not getting along—Kelsey appears to have (maybe) complained to the producers after Hannah won the Revolve fashion-show date on the second episode.

Per Reality Steve, “When it was all over and Hannah had won, Kelsey was called over by production to the back. Thinking it may seem like since Kelsey was a former pageant winner that she has an issue with Hannah winning. Was told told Kelsey was not a fan of Hannah. A lot of eye rolling.”

(SPOILER): When it was all over and Hannah had won, Kelsey was called over by production to the back. Thinking it may seem like since Kelsey was a former pageant winner, she has an issue with Hannah winning. Was told told Kelsey was not a fan of Hannah. A lot of eye rolling.

On top of that, Steve tweeted THIS:

And let me just say this: the pageant world is a messy, messy, messy place. You thought the Hannah/Caelynn bickering last season was bad, just wait til this season’s shit storm rolls in. Manufactured drama, of course, but it will dominate the first few episodes…

She Already Had a Major Moment This Season

So why Kelsey and Hannah Ann don’t get along goes back to an incident shortly before the fashion-show date on episode two, when Kelsey set up a cute moment for her and Peter involving a very special bottle of champagne that she brought from home. Long story short, Hannah Ann and Peter accidentally popped open the champs, and Kelsey was PISSED and started crying all over the mansion. Peter then tried to make Kelsey feel better by taking aside for another bottle of champagne, and when she took a sip this happened:

The best clip in Bachelor history PE 👏🏼RI 👏🏼OD 👏🏼 #TheBachelor

One person on Twitter called it “the best thing that has ever happened on any Bachelor” and honestly…they’re not wrong!

Her 1:1 Date With Peter Looked Super Cute

Kelsey and Peter had their one-on-one date on October 4, and it was pretty public. The hang session seems to have involved a soap box derby race, and they looked pretty cozy in footage that rolled out online:

(VIDEO): Peter and Kelsey arriving at the races with the kids

IDK about you, but I feel a vibe!

She’s a Former Hairstylist and Big Into Wellness

According to Kelsey’s old Miss Iowa profile, she worked at a hair salon in Des Moines before starting her pageant career. She is also described as having a “dedication to wellness” that “keeps her quite busy,” which I relate to due to having a “dedication to chips” that also “keeps me quite busy.”

Apparently, during warmer months, “you can find Kelsey outside appreciating the beautiful Iowa scenery on bike rides, while boating, or even lying out at the pool,” so keep an eye out, everyone!

She Has a Twin

And truly, we all know how much Bachelor Nation loves itself a twin. If Kelsey makes it to Peter’s hometown dates, we’ll likely meet her sister Kayla, whose Instagram happens to be public and full of fun Kelsey posts. By which I mean this:

And this:

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Happy St. Patrick's Day! 🍀

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She Attributes Her Strength to Her Mom

Here’s a sweet video of Kelsey tearfully talking about being raised by an awesome single mom who inspired her to be strong and independent. Considering how emotional Kelsey is in the video, definitely expect this to come up during her conversations with Peter.

She’s Struggled With Self-Confidence

“Self-confidence has been something I have struggled with since I was little. Growing up as a twin, Kayla and I were constantly being compared to each other,” Kelsey said while competing in Miss USA. “As a young girl, this was a difficult battle that I had to learn to overcome. As I grew older, I realized that no matter how different my sister and I were, people were always going to compare us. As I got older, I started to look at what made me special and different from her, instead of looking at what she was better at than me. Confidence is a hard thing to develop. For me, it has taken many years and a lot of self-reflecting to get to where I am today. When I start to compare myself to others, I quickly remind myself of the positives in my life and what makes me special. Do I have a lot of room to grow? Yes! But I’m proud of the strides I have taken to get to where I am today.”

Honestly, it seems like Kelsey is a great person and I fully approve of her dating Peter while the rest of us pursue relationships with Mike Johnson.

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