Phillip Schofield called ‘rude’ as he says ‘he’s bored’ during This Morning call

This Morning fans were left utterly stunned after Philip Schofield awkwardly told a Spin To Win caller that he was "bored".

The-58-year-old, nearly ended the conversation after the contestant, who had phoned from a nail salon, failed to be overly impressed with her £750 win on the show.

Philip's co-host Holly Willoughby, 39, introduced the caller Lauren, who had phoned in to take part in todays antics.

Lauren, who had said she was playing from a nail salon, was prompted to supply the answer to the question; What show made Anton Du Beke famous?

Knowing the correct answer and without any hesitation, she quickly exclaimed: "Strictly."

The grand prize wheel was spun by the hosts and Lauren was lucky enough to bag herself £750, along with lots of goodies too.

Ordinarily once callers have been awarded their prize they are offered an opportunity to answer a question in a bid to win extra prizes.

However for some reason, Philip didn't appear to be in the giving spirit today and tried to disconnect the call early before Holly abruptly stepped in, to rectify the situation.

Before Phil had a chance to shut down the conversation, co-host Holly was quick to fix the error and prompted the question.

Seemingly a bit distracted by Lauren's lack of enthusiasm, Philip quipped: "Sorry, I got bored."

Once the phone had gone down but still live on air, the father-of-two turned to Holly and said: "She didn't sound that excited, did she?"

Trying to be impartial, the former Celebrity Juice team captain, chirped back: "I think she was surrounded by other people. She was playing it cool!"

The TV legends earlier comment about being "bored" didn't seem to land well with fans of the show, who took to Twitter to fume.

One Tweet read: "'I was bored' is a bit rude #thismorning."

Another person wrote: "When did Philip Schofield become so rude to people that come on the show and sassy? Saying goodbye to people because he 'got bored' #thismorning."

While a third vented: "Philip is getting very rude with the caller #thismorning."

Others viewers of the show also picked up on Lauren's seemingly ungratefulness after she had won a significant sum of money and additional goodies.

Defending the presenter, one fan said: "Phillip isn't impressed she's getting her nails done and neither am I.

"I bl**dy watch the show all time and someone like her wins and she's not even watching ffs #ThisMorning"

Lots of other viewers did however manage to see the funny side, tweeting "I got bored" along with a string of laughing emojis.

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